10 Fun Wedding Games That Everyone Will Love

October 26, 2021

Fun wedding games are a great way to introduce guests to each other, break the ice and introduce a joyful, relaxed atmosphere at the wedding reception. In the case of such attractions, it is extremely important that they are universal enough to involve all participants. A marriage test, a detective game, or a Family Feud-style quiz? Here are ten games that will surely appeal to all wedding guests and will make your wedding day unforgettable!


In this competition, all couples and married couples receive an invitation to the dance floor. Then the music starts and everyone starts dancing. The host presents the length of the relationship - for example, up to six months, one year, three years, five years, and so on, and the couples who have been together for a shorter time, gradually leave the dance floor. The couple that is last on the dance floor wins. As a reward, you can give the winners a small gift, thanks to which they will remember this moment for longer! This game is a great idea to involve older guests who may not be in the mood for more lively games and competitions, and to honor the long-term couples.


This game is great for the beginning of the party, when the wedding guests are still too shy to go wild on the dance floor. The host invites all guests to the center and shows the steps of a simple, popular dance, such as Can Can, Chicken Dance, Macarena, Zorba or Belgian dance. For practical reasons, participants are most often placed in one or more circles. Then they all learn the moves together and dance together to the familiar melody. Bonus version: the dance starts slowly but gets faster with time! Thanks to this game, guests will be able to relax and have fun together.


An unbeatable hit of every wedding! In this game, the Bride and Groom sit on chairs with their backs against each other so that they cannot see the response of the spouse. The couple takes off the shoes and swaps one so that they hold one of theirs and one of the partner’s. The host begins to ask various questions to which the couple answers by lifting up an object representing them or their spouse. Examples of questions could be, for example:

  • Who will walk the dog?
  • Who cooks better?
  • Who took the first step at the beginning of your relationship?

See if the couple agrees on different questions or if they have a different perspective! The questions can also be asked by wedding guests, which will make it even more fun.


Family Feud is a classic TV show. How about hosting your own Family Feud at the wedding? It’s very easy to do with the Quizado app. You’ll just need a TV screen or a projector to display the game screen. Family Feud will be perfect for any wedding party, making guests feel like they’re taking part in a real game show. It’s fun both for the participants and the audience. In the opposing teams, you can place guests from the Groom’s and Bride's family.

Bonus: Create your own questions about the Newlyweds. Check our suggestions for wedding Family Feud questions.


Prepare a small wedding surprise for your guests - a scratch card with special instructions. Leave it on the table where they sit so that they don’t miss it. When they scratch the cards, they will find a challenge specifically for them. This will help people break the ice and will liven up the atmosphere. For example, you can ask the guests to:

  • Dance with the Bride’s father
  • Take a photo with the Bride and Groom
  • Tell a joke
  • Tell a compliment to the person sitting next to them


In this game, you put a "bomb" in the box, which can be, for example, an alarm clock or a telephone with a loud alarm, or even an exploding confetti bomb. After a certain amount of time (e.g. 5 min), the bomb explodes, but no one (except the host) knows when it is going to happen. The participants answer the host's questions in order to be able to pass the bomb to another person. This game can also be played in teams, but it's not necessary. The person/team in whose hands the bomb "explodes", loses the game. Questions may concern the Bride and Groom.


This game is perfect at the very beginning of the party to break the ice. It will require special "wanted letters", which guests should fill in. There may be space for information such as age, eye color, favorite hobbies, and other clues to identify the person. After completing the wanted lists, they go to the common pool, and then (randomly) to the participants of the game. The task of the wedding guests is to find the person whose letter they received as quickly as possible. It is a game that helps people get familiar with each other and encourages them to talk to wedding guests they have not yet met. Of course, it's also very fun when someone receives a wanted poster of a loved one - for example, your spouse or child! Contrary to what may seem, finding such a "wanted" can be extremely difficult in this case.


A custom version of the classic TV show “Name That Tune”. All guests can participate at once! The selected person puts on headphones and the host plays some music on them. The participant in the headphones has to hum a melody, while the guests have to guess the played song. Make sure you choose some of the biggest hits!


For this game, you need two teams, one assigned to the Bride and the other to the Groom. Then the Bride and Groom sit on the chairs next to each other and give the names of the items that their teams should bring: each round is won by the team that will bring the prize faster. Usually, at the beginning the things to bring are easy to find, such as lipstick or a tie, but as the game progresses, the items become more and more sophisticated (at the end, usually the Bride and Groom ask for something really fancy, like a car wheel or ... mother-in-law). This game is extremely fun and exciting not only for the participants, but also for the people who support the teams! It allows you to involve guests who are not directly competing in the game - they can, for example, support the players by lending them items.


Finally, one more wedding classic, i.e. dancing on the newspaper. The aim of the competition is to select the most agile dancers from among the willing couples. At the beginning, each pair stands on the unfolded newspaper and begins to dance in such a way as not to touch the parquet beyond the paper. Those who stand on the floor are out of the game! After a few moments, the newspapers are folded in half until only one winning pair “survives” the competition. The newspaper dance is great fun for participants and viewers, and a great opportunity to show off your dexterity!

When choosing a wedding game, remember to follow your taste and preferences (after all, it's your day!) but take into consideration what kind of guests will take part in them. For example, if you invited many elderly people to your wedding, it is good to choose less physically engaging activities. It is also a great idea to plan small gifts for participants and winners: this will encourage wedding guests to participate in games and competitions, and it will be a nice way to reward them for taking part in them.

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