5 Bachelorette Party Games That Are Fun For Girls Night

September 13, 2021

After long months without parties and cultural events, we are now slowly returning to normality. Therefore, we are in the middle of a real wedding and party boom. And as we all know; no wedding should take place without a decent before-celebration. Are you going to a bachelorette party, or are you getting ready for a wedding? Or perhaps you are the maid of honor? Whatever your role, it's helpful to know some ideas for bachelorette party games to make sure this amazing evening will not turn out dull and bland. After all, this is traditionally your last chance to party as a maiden! And you have to do a tradition justice! So, if you are looking for games for girls’ night then you have come to the perfect place. We are about to tell you five of the most interesting bachelorette party games ideas that will help you have an amazing bachelorette party. So, let's not delay! Get down to business!

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5 Best Bachelorette Party Games That Are Fun For Girls Night

We usually associate bachelorette parties with a huge amount of alcohol, male striptease and limousines. However, apart from girl talk over a glass of champagne, there are other attractions which will help the group of bridesmaids get to know each other better and the bride will feel special. Here are some of our suggestions for bachelorette party games, which will help strengthen the bonds between the participants of the celebration, make the evening unforgettable and full of laughter.

1. Quizado – Family Feud experience on a bachelorette party!

If you have not yet had the chance to play Quizado, it is definitely high time to change that! Quizado is an extremely fun, exciting and versatile game that can change the face of any social event, from a Christmas party to a child's birthday and a family reunion, or even an original idea for a girls' night out. What is this extraordinary game all about?

Quizado is a social game based on the rules of the legendary TV show Family Feud. Quizado provides a humorous experience straight from the classic television quiz show. The game involves answering a series of questions of a statistical nature. Players divide into two groups and then proceed to answer the questions. What counts in this game is not so much knowledge as the ability to act under time pressure, reflex and a thorough understanding of the target group. But is it exciting enough to be described as one of the fun bachelorette party games? Of course, it is! After all, the devil lies in the details, and this case in the interesting and often spicy questions! You can prepare a series of questions yourself, based on the bride's experience and preferences, or opt for a pre-prepared variant. Below you can see some sample questions, which you can adapt to the realities of your bachelorette party.

Quizado is one of the most interesting bachelorette party games that will attract the attention and arouse the enthusiasm of any collective, regardless of the acquaintance and closeness of their members' relations, age or profession. Unlike other forms of group entertainment, a live quiz show is a great way to get everyone involved, as it is equally as fun to play as it is to watch! This is one of those bachelorette party game ideas that will be perfect as an icebreaker at the beginning and will allow the bridesmaids to get to know each other in a fun and casual atmosphere. This game will make the participants of the bachelorette party feel at ease, and at the same time they will be able to get to know each other better and, of course, enjoy a good laugh. That's why Quizado is number one in our ranking of the best games for girls' nights, so don't foget to download it and have a fun!

bachelorette family feud question

Sample questions for Quizado to use at a bachelorette party:

1. Name the hottest male celebrity according to most women:

Ryan Gosling (42)

David Beckham (38)

Ryan Reynolds (23)

Chris Evans (18)

Chris Hemsworth (13)

Brad Pitt (8)

2. Name the bride-to-be's sexiest ex-boyfriend:

Jeffrey (172)

Josh (155)

Caleb (107)

Randy (98)

Norman (17)

3. Name the sexiest instrument a man could play according to most women:

Guitar (190)

Drums (150)

Saxophone (109)

Piano (89)

Violin (62)

4. Name the sexiest girl-crush of the bride-to-be:

Margot Robbie (78)

Zendaya (66)

Angelina Jolie (62)

Scarlett Johansson (34)

Emma Stone (33)

5. What is a man’s garment of clothing that turns most women on?

Suit (56)

White shirt (44)

Boxers (39)

Pants (30)

Socks (19)

6. What are the best places to have sex in the house according to most women:

Bedroom (68)

Kitchen (57)

Shower (54)

Couch (46)

Floor (39)

7. Name the sexiest accent according to most women:

French (90)

British (87)

Spanish (78)

Italian (70)

Russian (50)

8. Name the sexiest male profession according to most women:

Doctor (102)

Veterinarian (98)

Fireman (86)

Policeman (70)

Lawyer (65)

9. Name the sexiest part of a man's body according to most women:

Back (88)

Hands (72)

Buttocks (65)

Eyes (57)

Lips (38)

10. List the most attractive male characteristics according to most women:

Humour (89)

Self-confidence (86)

Caretaking (78)

Intelligence (67)

Responsibility (56)

You can also use some questions from the wedding Family Feud question list. And if that's not enough, Quizado has over 150+ general fun survey questions to choose from. Check also more of the prepared sample questions here.

Quizado app is available for download.

2. A Scavenger Hunt - active bachelorette party game idea

A Scavenger Hunt is now a traditional bachelorette party activity and the perfect game for a night on the town with your girlfriends. Bachelorette scavenger hunt is also currently one of the hottest new trends for bachelorette parties, as it is an interesting and thought-provoking game, as well as extremely fun so it is perfect as one of the highlights of a bachelorette party, as it is both affordable and easy to plan. One of the best features about scavenger hunt and also the reason why it is mentioned as one of the fun bachelorette party games, is that it can be adapted to almost any theme and therefore to the personality and preferences of the bride-to-be. The tasks and content of the game can be changed at will and made to not be as boring or corny as some of the traditional games that have been played at bridal showers or bachelorette parties throughout the years. A scavenger hunt is not only one of the most popular bachelorette party game ideas, but it is also the most creative, as the entire course of the game depends on the inventiveness of the creators. But how do you prepare your own scavenger hunt for a bachelorette party?

Fortunately, the great news is that there are plenty of sites where you can instantly download ready-made scavenger hunt lists for your bachelorette party, full of funny challenges and spicy questions that will make your party full of unforgettable experiences. We, for our part, have also prepared some suggestions for you. Take advantage of them if you feel like it.

Sample tasks on Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt:

· Get a free drink.

· Dance with the bartender.

· Get a man to take his shirt off.

· Take a body shot.

· Take a shot without using your hands.

· Get your picture taken with a police officer.

· Kiss a man with the same name as the groom.

· Use the men's room.

· Talk a stranger into giving you a striptease.

· Get five phone numbers from attractive men.

· Dance on the bar.

· Take a picture with fifteen strangers.

3. Bridal balderdash - a game that will allow you to really get to know the bride

Bridal balderdash is one of the most popular bachelorette party games that will allow you to get to know each other and the bride from a completely different angle. This is one of those classic games for girls' night, involving a fun question and answer session. It is the perfect option for girls' nights out, especially among those who do not know each other well yet. The best part is that this game can be played with any number of players and can be stretched to fill an entire evening, or just serve as an icebreaker before the party gets going for good. The questions in the Bridal balderdash can be about the bride, the groom, the guests and their private lives, the past, the future, memories and more. Creativity of the organizers is the most important thing here.

What to prepare before you start the Bridal balderdash? The questions, of course. You can come up with them yourself or use the ready-made options you can find on the Internet. (We have also prepared some suggestions below). Then print them out on nice paper and take them to the party. The game can be played individually or in groups. The main person is the moderator, who reads out a question chosen at random from the pack of cards, hat or another container. Everyone gets their own paper, on which they put their answer on a piece of paper together with their own name, and then drop it into some vessel, for example one of the pints or a headdress. The bride does not answer the questions. Her job is to verify the answers, which should be about her and her life. When all the cards are collected and thrown into the pot, then the bride-to-be gives the correct answers to the questions. The person with the most correct answers wins and receives a prize. The person with the least correct answer drinks a shot. A second option is to also engage the bride and groom on the same questions and ask them similar questions beforehand, then you can add extra points for the guest who guessed the bride's answers, and in the process see how compatible the couple is.

No ideas for Bridal balderdash questions? Let us show you, our suggestions.

Sample questions for Bridal balderdash:

· The most interesting thing about the bride-to-be.

· Spirit animal of the about to be bride.

· Favorite sexual position of the bride-to-be.

· The dream holiday of the bride-to-be.

· Favorite animal of the bride-to-be.

· Where did the bride-to-be meet the groom-to-be?

· How many sexual partners has the bride-to-be had?

· What is the future bride's sibling's name?

· What is the name of the bride-to-be's favorite bar?

· What would the future bride's dream date look like?

4. Bachelorette "Drink If" game - a really spicy game for the evening

The Bachelorette "Drink If" is a very similar game to "Would She Rather", an adaptation of the popular well known game "Never Have I Ever". The difference is that instead of making up scenarios of things you've never done to encourage others to drink, you simply have to drink if you've done what's mentioned - which will make things a lot easier, especially at the end of a booze-fuelled bachelorette party. It's a hilarious game that will help with bonding and getting to know each other better. However, it is definitely suitable for later in the party, for example after a game of Quizado, as at the beginning, especially in a mismatched team, participants may be too shy to answer the spicier questions.

As for the questions, you can find hundreds of different lists and sites with ready-made series online, or you can prepare them yourself, based on the stories and how well you know the bride-to-be. Then the game will definitely be more personal. For an even more personal twist, ask the groom for some ideas and create a master list to play with. However, if you don't want to put the bride under the spotlight, then you can also use the questions we've suggested below. Whatever your decision, the Bachelorette "Drink If" is one of the best ideas for bachelorette party games, so be sure to try it out.

Sample questions for the Bachelorette "Drink If" game:

· Drink If you are engaged.

· Drink If you are planning a big wedding.

· Drink If you have ever been too drunk to go.

· Drink If you have had your hair done up.

· Drink If you fell asleep at a party.

· Drink If you are going on your honeymoon to Bali.

· Drink If you have had more than 5 sexual partners.

· Drink If you have had sexual experiences with the same sex.

· Drink If related to the bride and groom.

· Drink If you do not know the groom.

· Drink If you like the groom.

· Drink If you are wearing a dress.

5. The Bachelorette Two Truths And A Lie - this is where creativity and distance count

Bachelorette Two Truths and a Lie is one of those fun bachelorette party games that works in any circumstances and can be played in two different ways. This makes it a great option for any group. If you want to use this game as an icebreaker to help the girls get to know each other a little better, then the traditional version of the game would be the best option. What does it consist of? Each party participant tells three facts about themselves, as the name suggests, two true stories and one lie, and then the group tries to guess the lie. The second option is particularly suitable if the participants of the bachelorette party know each other very well and spend a lot of free time together. In this version each girl will write three memories she has of the bride, two truths and one lie. The group's task, on the other hand, is to guess the untrue story. We suggest playing both versions as a fun way to bond before the wedding day. The Bachelorette Two Truths And A Lie is a great test of memory, humor, self-distance, and storytelling skills. This is definitely one of those games for girls’ night that will stay in the memory of both the participants and the bride-to-be for a long time.

Bachelorette Party Games – summary

Preparing an attractive bachelorette party requires some careful planning, knowledge of the bride and the bridesmaids. Not every game idea is suitable for every collective, but undeniably at every party should play at least one game that will allow everyone to get to know each other better. The safest way to make sure an idea meets with enthusiasm is to consult with the bride and groom and find out what kind of games they prefer. Then it's up to the Maid of Honor! It is her responsibility to choose the hen night games and other activities that will make the night exciting, fun and memorable. The key is to choose activities that will bring people together and not make anyone too uncomfortable, because not everyone can quickly open up to a new collective. In our opinion, the above options will work for most girls' nights out, so go ahead and use them! And for our part, we wish that this hen night turns out to be an amazing evening full of laughter and fun! Have a great evening!

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