August 30, 2021

Although there is still some time left until Christmas, in the current reality of pandemics, it is worth thinking much earlier about the staff party celebrating the occasion. As we all know, things change extremely quickly and every now and then new restrictions and other issues related to new employment conditions are lurking in front of us. However, we cannot forget about the positive aspects of such events, how they foster relationships between employees of a given company, build morale and simply make people want to come to work. Therefore, despite numerous obstacles, it is not worth giving up on Christmas parties, but adapting them to the current conditions and making them not only about alcohol and small talk, but also an unforgettable event, even in a remote format. How to achieve this? How to throw an excellent virtual Christmas party? Well, here comes Christmas Family Feud, one of the most interesting virtual Christmas party games! Most of you are probably familiar with this concept, but with the Zoomer generation in mind, we will start with a brief description of this game.

chrtistmas family feud game on zoom

What is Christmas Family Feud?

Most of us know that Family Feud is one of the earliest and undeniably most popular entertainment shows on television. It is one of the world’s oldest game shows which has also proved to be a popular game to play at parties, family gatherings and other events. But how does it relate to virtual holiday party games? It is quite simple. Quizado is an app that allows you to have a Family Feud experience online or in stationary mode, and on top of that it has the option to adapt the questions to a specific occasion. But one by one, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let us first tell you what this one of the most fun Christmas games is all about. First things first. Family Feud is a game based on a series of questions for two teams, with the answers being statistical in nature. The person who first presses the buzzer has the right to answer first, while the team whose representative gave the highest scoring answer plays the question and tries to discover all the answers from the board. If this has sparked an urge in you to try it out today, you can find a detailed description of the rules here – have fun! As for the questions, they can easily be adapted to different themes, whether they are related to the nature of the work of the company where your virtual Christmas party is taking place or simply to the Christmas atmosphere. This is one of the most popular Christmas party games for adults and you will find out why later in this article.

What will you need to throw a Family Feud session at your next Christmas party?

If you decide to choose Family Feud as one of the perks at your regular Christmas party, you will need a podium or anything, even a table or chair which can serve as it, a buzzer or bell placed on top of the podium, a TV screen or a multimedia projector to display the game. However, if you are throwing a virtual Christmas party, the game can be played on Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams or other videochat tools. All you will have to do is to share the Game Screen window with the participants.

Don’t forget to get Quizado license, an app that allows you to play this type of game, both online and offline. Quizado makes virtual Christmas party ideas a child's play to put into practice.

name a gift that would be difficult to wrap

Why does Christmas Family Feud work as one of the virtual Christmas party games?

Family Feud is a favourite among group games, which is perfect both in a close-knit collective and among newcomers at a virtual Christmas party. Quizado is a game not only for the young and internet-savvy, but also for the old who still remember the Family Feud days on TV. In addition, it is a game literally for everyone, because it requires neither specialist knowledge nor skills, and the answers are purely statistical. But do not be fooled by generalities, we are about to tell you the four specific reasons why Quizado or Family Feud will be one of the fun Christmas party games at your virtual Christmas party this year.

1. Christmas Family Feud is great fun in any collective

Christmas Family Feud is one of those virtual holiday party games that will bring even the most uncoordinated team together, or unite a group of newly met people in no time. It's something for both young people, who will appreciate the excitement and fun associated with it, and older people, alike, all of whom will be delighted by the transfer of their favourite entertainment show to reality and will enjoy playing the lead role. Quizado provides a wonderful activity that allows you to build relationships, be creative and activate your grey cells, all while doing it in a fun, enjoyable atmosphere. In addition, Family Feud Christmas questions can be freely customised according to the players' preferences. In a strictly business environment of people passionate about their specialty, you can bet on industry questions, while in a collective of employees at different positions, you can confidently choose Family Feud Christmas questions that will put everyone in a festive mood.

2. Christmas Family Feud is a game that can be played under any conditions

Christmas Family Feud is one of those virtual holiday party games that you can play in all environments and conditions. Quizado is great for offline events, such as workplace parties, bars and restaurants, as well as a highlight at a virtual Christmas party. It's a game that is easy to understand, and thanks to the intuitive and simple software and installation, it will work great for multiplayer conferences on platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, as well as the traditional Christmas party. This is one of our favourites when it comes to virtual Christmas party ideas.

3. Christmas Family Feud is a game with only healthy competition

Christmas Family Feud does not require any specialist skills or knowledge of a particular subject. It is a game where it is all about luck, understanding people's minds and preferences and a healthy distance. It is therefore not one of those virtual holiday party games that will end in arguments, ridicule, or the embarrassment of any participant in the game, even the losing team. It is a game with healthy competition, so in our opinion it is one of the safest and best fun Christmas games that you can play at your next virtual Christmas party, but also during a regular meeting with your work colleagues. Christmas Family Feud is great entertainment for everyone!

4. Christmas Family Feud is a game that can be adapted to the interests of the players

Christmas Family Feud is a versatile and diverse game. Thanks to the specialists at Quizado, you no longer have to invent and prepare Family Feud Christmas questions yourself! Just choose a set and voila, the perfect virtual Christmas party is ready. Choose from hundreds of general questions or create new sets that relate to your professional environment, a specific field or topic, or those that will put you in a wonderful festive mood and evoke sentimental Christmas feelings. The choice is yours! After all, it is your virtual Christmas party!

Sample Family Feud questions that can be used at your virtual Christmas party

family feud sample christmas question

If you have made it this far, you are surely considering using Quizado as one of your virtual holiday party ideas and wondering what questions could be included. For those who are lazy, we have prepared some sample questions that may use during the game. These are:

1. Name a popular Christmas carol.

2. Name a Christmas dish.

3. Name the most popular Christmas pop song.

4. Name a Christmas tradition.

5. Name the most popular Christmas gift.

6. What can you fill a Christmas sock with.

7. Name an item you would need to dress up as Santa Clause.

8. Name a name for Santa's reindeer.

9. Name a place that would be open on Christmas Day.

10. Name a gift that would be difficult to wrap.

11. Name a dessert that people eat a lot of at Christmas time.

12. Name something that people can start doing on January 1.

13. Name a classic children's Christmas film.

14. Name a dish that people like to eat at Christmas dinner.

15. Name something that is on every mum's Christmas wish list.

16. Name something that is on every dad's Christmas wish list.

17. Name something that is on every child's Christmas wish list.

18. Name a place that someone can go for a Christmas holiday.

19. Name a drink that might be served at a Christmas party.

20. Name a gift that children do not want to have opened on Christmas morning.

These are just a few to give you an idea of what a Christmas Family Feud might look like, the questions can of course also be changed and modified as you wish thanks to the Questions Editor.

family feud your own questions

Christmas is just around the corner, so be sure to start thinking about how you can make your virtual Christmas party special and get your colleagues and bosses into the festive spirit despite the distance. In our opinion, there is no better virtual holiday party idea than playing Christmas Family Feud! So consider this opportunity and let yourself and your team experience a great virtual Christmas party with Quizado! We guarantee, you will not regret it!

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