October 5, 2021

Looking for an interesting way to spend time with friends? Are you bored with standard parties with alcohol and treats? Do you want your party to really stand out from the others? You are in the perfect place, because today we are presenting 29 ideas for interesting and fun party games, which you can play with your friends and family! And if you're looking for a professional game software, make sure to check our number #2 on our list.

Let's get cracking!

1. Never I Have Ever

First on our list of games to play at a party is the legendary Never I Have Ever. This popular student game, has captured the hearts of both young and old players around the world. What is this interesting game about? The game begins when one person says: "Never, ever..." and recounts a real-life event. Those who have lived through a similar story tip their drink. And so, one by one, everyone makes a controversial confession-challenge. You have to be honest in your statements, otherwise the game is pointless. The "winner", apart from the triumph, is left sober-headed. For example, when one person says "Never I Have Ever been so drunk that I didn't remember anything the next day", and it happened to you, then you drink. Of course, alcohol is not compulsory, although it definitely makes for a most fun game. However, if you do not wish to drink, you can replace it with sipping juice, or bending your finger every time you happen to do what the person saying it did. This activity can be enjoyed in a small group, but it works just as well as one of the big group games! It is definitely to be one of the most fun games to play with friends, but we would rather not recommend during a gathering with distant family.

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2. Quizado

Quizado is definitely one of the most enjoyable and entertaining question games to play with friends. It is an innovative gameshow software that allows you to have a Family Feud experience in the comfort of your home. Quizado is a party game based on the rules of the legendary TV show Family Feud. This kind of games to play in a group, provides a humorous experience straight from this popular TV quiz programme.

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The game consists of answering a series of statistical questions, where players split into two teams and then start answering the queries. It is one of those fun group games where it is not so much knowledge that counts as a thorough understanding of the target group, quick action under time pressure, reflexes and a risk-taker's spirit. If you haven't had a chance to play Quizado yet, it's definitely time to change that! Quizado is an extremely fun, exciting and versatile game that can change the atmosphere of any social gathering. It's a good example of birthday party games for adults, games for Christmas parties, children's birthday celebrations and team building meetings at work. It is a type of games for 10, 12, and 20 persons. The only important thing is that someone plays the role of the leader. In our opinion, this is the most fun game for a game night with family and friends.

Download Quizado for free and test the game.

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3. Beer Pong

Beer Pong is an example of very entertaining house party games. It is one of the most popular dinner party games for adults and also a regular feature at student parties. It is a must play game at all parties and this is because it has very simple rules, a competitive nature and is quite an engaging play. All you need is a few plastic cups and a ball to go in them. How to play this type of amusing group game? Place six cups half-filled with the drink of your choice at the end of the table, arranging them in the same pattern as the risers on the bowling alley. From the other end of the table, one person must drop a ball into one of the cups. A player from the other team has to drink the contents of the cup into which he manages to throw the ball. It gets more and more fun with each change! This type of fun group game activates any crowd and is suitable both as an ice breaker and as a fun and easy game to play with close group of friends.

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4. Pictionary

Of course, we could not miss the most well-known and popular party game, which consists in guessing slogans presented by the opposing team. If you're looking for an inspiration for family party games then "Pictionary" will definitely be a perfect fit. You can buy the official version of this board game, but the home version, which is much cheaper, will be just as entertaining. You can also find free or paid gameshow software on the Internet. The choice is up to you. If you decide to choose Pictionary as one of the fun group games at your event and you want to make it yourself, all you need are notepads, pencils and some paper. If you have time, you can write on separate pieces of paper what you need to draw - the more the better - or you can do it at the party with the rest of the participants. What is this one of the most popular game night games? One by one, each participant takes a piece of paper and has to use only drawings to make the others guess what is written on it. Without using words! Oh, and of course there is a time limit. Use the timer on your phone to keep track of time or buy an hourglass. This is definitely one of the best party games to play at family gatherings and reunions.

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5. Twister

Another of our family party game ideas. One mat and on it four rows of coloured squares and their four colours, six squares of one colour, 24 circles in total. Players are not restricted by age, as long as they understand the instructions. Preferably two or four players, although you can squeeze in someone else if you're stubborn. Oh, and there is also an arrow which marks the next moves. The arrow is turned by the commander in chief. The arrow indicates the colour of the field and which body part should be placed on it: a hand or maybe a leg (e.g., right hand on yellow). Players must react to the command as quickly as possible and "freeze" in their chosen position like a pillar of salt. If the arrow points to the body part and colour you just occupied, you choose a competitor. A player is out when they are unable to make another move or simply lose their balance and fall. Twister is an example of an adult party game that would work equally well for children. Recommended!

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6. Monopoly

This is probably one of the most popular group games to play with friends ever. The game is mainly about trading and property speculation. Each player moves clockwise around the board and buys available properties. If a player stands on a field owned by another player, he has to pay rent. Its amount depends on the type of property, whether the owner has any houses or a hotel on that field. Each player chooses a pawn and places it on the "Start" box. The player who owns the property himself has to make sure that the other players pay him the rent. Only the bank can lend against the property. No player may lend to another. The winner is the player who will bankrupt the other players. Definitely recommended as one of the game night ideas!

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7. Truth or Dare

This is one of those group games for adults that everyone has heard of. Its history dates back to the 18th century, and some say even to ancient Greece. It is a low-budget game, because there are no props and the number of people is arbitrary. The person who starts the game indicates, or draws a bottle, a partygoer to whom he or she directs the question: "Truth or dare". If the participant chooses the first option, it is best to bring up an uncomfortable subject, e.g., how many sexual partners he has had, or to be asked about his current crush. He has no choice but to answer honestly. If, on the other hand, he chooses the "dare" option, then he must reckon with a silly task such as belly dancing or kissing another participant.

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8. Story Guessing

This is a very enjoyable and creative game and one of the most popular question games to play with friends, which require no knowledge or experience. How to play Story Guessing? You ask one, two or three people out of the room, depending on how much time you have and whether they feel like sitting in isolation for twenty to sixty minutes. Of course, they can stay together, but they should not hear what you are talking about. When you are sure that they cannot hear you, you wait for about 5-10 minutes. Then invite one of the people into the room and tell them that you have made up a story during this time. The person has to guess the story by asking questions that can only be answered yes or no. You have obviously not invented a story and will answer their questions with a system of yes-yes-no. You will see how colourful a story your friend will start to make up and the funniest thing is that he will make it up on their own!

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9. Taboo

Taboo is a cult game made by Hasbro that has been a favourite at social gatherings around the world for many years. The game is based on guessing simple words related to everyday life. What makes it more difficult is to talk about a given thing without using specific words forbidden by the creators of the game. In this way, the players have to combine different ways to talk about given objects or activities without saying the phrases related to them. It may not be the most difficult game in the world, but the running time makes it not that simple either. And it's so much fun! Definitely recommended as one of the party games at your next birthday party or family reunion.

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10. Jenga

At first glance, Jenga may not seem like a particularly interesting game, but it is. Just arrange the tower and try to pull out the first block without knocking it over to feel the excitement rising. Jenga is a great game for small groups, but is unlikely to work as an idea for games for large groups of adults indoors. To win in Jenga you need not only dexterity, but also tactical sense. The real fun starts only when alcohol comes into action. Of course, only adults can enjoy this game as a way of spending time with friends! Recommended for the whole family!

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11. Trivia

Trivial Pursuit is a well-known to all fans of party games production, which was created in 1979 in Canada and since then is a permanent guest at various meetings and parties. The gameplay during the trivia night is based on simple rules and general knowledge and knowledge of pop culture counts in it, because the task of players is to answer questions concerning various fields. Players roll dice and move their pawns around the board with fields of different question categories. If they manage to give the correct answer, they can make their next move. The winner is the person who first answers a given number of questions in each category. Trivia questions and answers usually require no specialist knowledge, so they also work well as a family game with children. There are plenty of funny trivia questions on the internet that you can use to get the party started. Those who like a spicier game will also appreciate trivia games for adults, with interesting multiple choice trivia questions. We recommend you to search the Internet.

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12. Charades

Is the party starting too slowly and you don't know how to make it go faster? In such a situation you should reach for one of the best party games, which is undoubtedly Charades. The advantage of this production is its simplicity, which is very important when playing with several people. Thanks to that you don't have to explain complicated rules, because they are limited to one sentence. The player puts a password card to his forehead and then asks questions to other players, who by answering affirmatively or negatively push him towards the answer. Charades can be played in a traditional way, for example using sticky notes, or by downloading the app to your phone. A great idea for games for adults at home! Fun is guaranteed!

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13. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is now a traditional and ideal game for a night on the town with friends. Scavenger hunt is also currently one of the hottest new trends for bachelorette nights and birthday parties. It is an interesting and thought provoking game as well as extremely fun, however, it requires careful planning and active participants. One of the best features about scavenger hunt, and the reason why it is listed as one of the fun party games, is that it can be adapted to almost any theme and therefore to the personality and preferences of the creator. The tasks and content of the game can be changed at will and made to not be as boring or corny as some of the traditional games. Something for those who like active entertainment.

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14. Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is one of those fun indoor party games that works in all circumstances and can be played in different ways. This makes it a great option for any group of friends, colleagues and family members. If you want to use this game as an icebreaker to help your party participants get to know each other a little better, then the traditional version of the game would be the best option. What does it consist of? Each party participant tells three facts about themselves, as the name suggests, two true stories and one lie, and then the group tries to guess the lie. This is one of the funniest games for adults at home, which helps to strengthen family or friend relationships and is our party favourite.

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15. Black Stories

Who said party games had to be all about uncontrollable bursts of laughter? Black Tales is more about a dark, detective-like atmosphere. The master of the game sends the participants a criminal story, and the rest of them have to discover the mystery behind it. This is one of the most popular large group games, which will engage even the most bored crowd. Definitely worth a try - we highly recommend it!

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16. Sticker Stalker

This is a sneaky and very fun party game that can be played throughout the party with friends and family. What is Sticker Stalker? Everyone at the party gets some stickers and the challenge is to put them on other people without them noticing. To win you have to be crafty and use all your stickers first. Being the host, prepare stickers and give each guest ten of them. Everyone has to stick them on the other players on the other guests so that they don't notice them. If someone catches you, you must stick the sticker on yourself. The winner is the one who gets rid of all the stickers first. This is a really unusual and extremely fun game for any party!

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17. React and Act

This is definitely not a game for everyone as it requires commitment and stage skills. It's something for party people who enjoy acting. The game involves each party participant coming up with a number of different events to which they could react in an effective way. Examples of such situations can be moments such as catching your beloved cheating, meeting your favourite celebrity at the dentist, breaking a tooth or getting stuck in a lift with your ex. All these stories are then written down on cards and put into a bowl, hat or any other container. The game starts when the participants draw one of the cards from the container and imitate their reaction to the event. During this time the other participants try to guess what the event is, and if they succeed, the role-player gets two points and the guesser gets one point. This is one of the most interesting games to play in a group of creative people!

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18. Newlywed Game - Friends and Family Edition

The Newlywed Game is not just a game for couples in love. You can use it just as much at your next party with a small group of friends. Break into pairs of close friends, cousins, father and son, niece and aunt, and of course boyfriend and girlfriend, and then together find out how well you know each other by answering a series of questions about the other person in the group. This is definitely one of those fun party games for adults, which can mix things up and change the atmosphere of the meeting completely.

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19. Partners in Pen

Looking for an unusual idea for a party game? Are you bored of answering Friends trivia questions? Our next idea is not so obvious. How to play Partners in Pen? Divide the party participants into pairs and have them sit with their backs to their partner. What to do next. One person is given a drawing utensil and a piece of paper and the other is given a bag full of, not obvious, strange objects of various types. For example, a bubble gum, a Superman figurine, a tampon and a console cable. After looking at the objects, the person describes the object to the draughtsman, who then sketches it according to the description. The task is to reproduce the object as well as possible and to have some fun of course.

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20. Freeze Dance Game

Freeze Dance Game is a very fun and kid-friendly party game for the whole family. The rules are simple and it's a lot of fun. We therefore recommend that you try it out at your next family gathering. How to play Freeze Dance Game? If you are the organiser, you need to choose some catchy and well-known music and then get the participants to dance to it together. What then? You dance until it is time for someone to shout "freeze", then everyone should freeze in their position. If you don't make it, you are eliminated, and if you are the last person on the dance floor you win. One of the simplest and funniest game night ideas.

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21. Five Seconds

Five Seconds is a great party game and one of our favourites for meeting up with friends. Five seconds may seem like an eternity, but not in the case of this party game. This is one of the most popular games for game night! The gameplay consists of giving three correct answers within the title five seconds. The set includes a special spiral timer, which shows the player how little time he has left to complete his round. The task seems trivial, but I assure you it is not. You will catch yourself many times that due to time pressure you will not be able to answer the simplest questions. There are many versions of the game on the Internet, including an electronic one!

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22. Twenty Questions

Twenty questions one of the classic games to play with friends. The rules are very simple and basically understandable from the name itself. When playing this game at a party, it is best if you decide on a field of objects, whose name you will guess by asking twenty questions according to the name. This will make the game much easier. Importantly, questions can only be answered with a yes or no, so think carefully about the formula. This is an enjoyable and undemanding party game which can be played both at a family party and during a team building meeting at work. It requires neither preparation nor additional gadgets. A great game!

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23. Man, Don't Get Angry - Drinking Edition

Man, Don't Get Angry; alcohol edition is a game that will get any party started! Firstly, because everyone knows the rules, and secondly, instead of pawns the participants play with glasses! Needless to say, the glasses should be full! This way the game from your childhood will also become a favourite game during less innocent social gatherings than in the past. And when you've had enough of drinking, you can swap the glasses for pawns and play the traditional family version with your children. One rather risqué party game idea, but definitely worth trying out.

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24. Don't Say Yes or No Game

The Don't Say Yes or No game is one of the funniest question games to play with friends, where you ask a party member a long series of questions that would normally require them to answer 'Yes' or 'No', the catch being that the person is not allowed to say those words. You are also not allowed to nod or shake your head. You can ask the person "Do you like dogs?", "Do you have a boyfriend?" "Are you a pilot?" "Do you have brothers or sisters?". Their natural instinct would be to answer no or yes, but instead they should come up with something more interesting. It's great fun and heaps of laughs for all participants.

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25. Dixit

It's time for something a little different. After some incredibly fast ang engaging games, it's time for something quieter. How about an interesting card game? Dixit is a rather quirky game, which is based on associations. Each player is handed several cards with beautiful fairy tale illustrations. The players take on the role of a storyteller in order. They give an association linked to the chosen picture, then the other players choose the picture they think best matches the storyteller's statement. The pictures are then uncovered and each player, in secret from the others, votes for the picture that best matched the association. If everyone has chosen the fairy tale teller's picture, the teller receives no points. If no one has hit on his association it is the same. Points are awarded to everyone whose picture received a vote. Dixit is great fun for the whole family, and the associations can sometimes be very abstract. Unfortunately, it's not a large group game, as up to 6 players can play, but you can always team up.

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26. Dancing Chain

Dancing Chain is something for people with a distance to themselves and who love to dance. How to create such a dancing chain? Prepare an appropriate playlist with your favourite dance tunes. Every player should come up with an idea for original movement and keep it to himself, that is a secret for now. The music starts playing and the first player shows a movement and dances. The next player repeats the first move and adds his own, and so on. In this way the game goes on until everyone has danced then repeat the game with another player at the beginning. It's a game where everyone is a winner because it's all about having fun.

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27. Phone Game

Phone game is perfect for people who can't stay away from their phones, especially the second version. There are two variants of the game; a standard one with regular cards and an app. The rules are simple. Everyone takes their smartphone, while one player picks a card and starts judging that round, during which time the rest of the players have sixty seconds to answer a card question with the funniest, weirdest or most embarrassing thing they can find on their phones. Of course, internet use is not allowed. We recommend trying this game out at your next game night.

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28. Shot Roulette

Casino gambling can be dangerous and fatal, so instead of going to some dodgy establishments, stay at home and save your hard-earned money by playing alcohol with friends. Replace the chips with glasses filled with your favourite drink and get on with the fun. Just make sure everyone can make it to the end of the party! Needless to say, this is not one of those child-friendly games, but rather one of those games for adults at home. Recommended for experienced partygoers.

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29. Hot Potato With Camera

Now that's a fun game to play. What is Camera hot potato? It's very simple, but how effective. You take one phone and set the self-timer on it. What happens next? Then, each player holds the camera at arm's length and points it at themselves for a very short time, as if taking a selfie. After a while, pass it on to the next person and the next and the one after that. You should do this until the time on the self-timer runs out and someone is captured in the photograph. This is a quick game that will provide you with some funny photos and lots of laughs. Highly recommended!

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These are all the game ideas we have prepared for today. As you can see, the games are varied and suitable for playing with different groups of people, so we think there is something for everyone. Have a great games night!

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