Team Building and Learning with a Captivating Quiz Game for Universities and Schools

February 13, 2024

Lifelong bonds are built in schools and universities through team building and learning, and as an educational establishment, you can be part of those lifelong friendships.

The support network that students build allows for students of all ages to ask questions to their peers and create a social environment that supports learning to a better degree.

Of course, the main focus of a school or university is for the students to leave with a deep understanding of the subjects they have studied. However, educational establishments rely heavily on the support networks that students build.

Some children and adults have difficulty making those bonds, so team building and supporting group learning can be especially important for them.


Why does group learning matter?

Group learning is called a few different things, including peer instruction or peer-instructed learning. Team learning and cooperative learning. However, many establishments may term it something more appropriate for them and the age group they are teaching.

While many people consider group learning to be quite simply a small group of students working together, more skills are being honed, and it is incredibly valuable for future career options.

Depending on the age group, when it comes to learning in a group, each person is responsible for their own part and for the success of the group. This shared responsibility is important for learning how to manage what they are doing and support those around them.

What skills does group learning teach?

While some of the skills learned during group learning might sound complex for some age groups, they are still being learned and improved - although they might be known as something more age-appropriate.

  • How to make larger projects smaller and more manageable
  • Planning and distribution of tasks
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict resolution and discussions
  • Shared responsibility and accountability
  • Development of work ethic
  • Creative thinking from all members of the group
  • Development of perspective, opinion, and voice
  • Both giving and receiving support
  • Skill and knowledge sharing
  • Personal development

How does team building improve learning?

In the world of work, most people will be required to work with other people, and team building from an early age will help them adjust to all of the varied levels of skills and personalities that they will need to work with.

In universities, this is done with more of a career-heavy focus, which makes the move from education to the world of work smoother. With younger students, it helps to make these skills part of their skill toolbox before they go into a more autonomous learning establishment - like a university.

Team building and group learning are interactive learning forms; here are some of the ways that this takes shape in a learning environment, the benefits, and how you can implement it.

The Power of Gamification in Education

Gaming is a bigger part of our culture than it has ever been - and it has made its way into education and the workplace. One of the obstacles that many establishments face is that they need to upgrade and update things in order to include some gamification in their process.

It is important to use things that feel recognizable; apps like Quizado make that easy to do since most students are familiar with quizzes, either through watching them on TV (think Family Feud) or the paper version of a quiz often used in classrooms.

For example, the gamification of old-school games can be group quizzes, and rather than using paper and raising hands to answer, using the Quizado app to tap the screen and answer.

The teacher or tutor is able to see the answers in real-time. The huge benefit here is that with the real-time responses available, teachers and tutors can modify future learning to include any gaps that have been identified.

If there is one thing we know for sure about gaming - including quizzes- it is that it is joyful and addicting! The more you know, the better you do and the more likely your chances of winning - or scoring big.

Gamification takes all of the studies about the impact gaming has on people and puts it into practice in a way that is beneficial for all ages. Not only are you in competition with others, but quizzes with Quizado can put you in competition with yourself, too - just how many more right answers can you get?!

With many schools using a combination of computers, laptops and iPads or other tablets, Quizado is the perfect app to make the most of that tech.


What is the role of a quiz in team building?

Anything that involves more than one person working on something is a team - but not all teams are created equal. Some teams take a little while to be able to work together well; some have a mix of extroverts and introverts - not to mention a mix of understanding and skills.

And that is why teams can be dysfunctional. For most of us, when we think about team building, typically, they are a little older and either just ahead of the world of work or in an office environment.

So, where do quizzes fit in? When a team is tested and needs to work together to answer questions, sometimes the competitive edge takes over - and the sum is much more than the parts. But what is special about quizzes from Quizado is that they demand the use of retrieval practice - even in the most fun environment- which is the skill that is in use.

Research by Brown, Roediger, and McDaniel in 2014 found that one of the most impactful ways to secure material into the mind and lock it into long-term status is by using quizzes in the short term. The recall of the knowledge - 'retrieval practice'.

A specifical quote is this:

Neural pathways get stronger when memory is retrieved rather than reading off of a page -- exercises memory; strengthens retrieval routes.

So, with the Quizado app, the memory and recall process are used, thus cementing the learning that has taken place.

Quizzes are specifically quoted in the key ideas (in summary form): Make It Stick

Quizado offers a simple and effective solution to the creation and implementation of quizzes!


How to implement Quizado in an educational setting

Quizado is one of the best tools for supporting team working environments, group learning, and assessments for all levels of education for one big reason - it is completely personalized.

It is possible to use Quizado for weekly group quizzes or more in-depth knowledge tests that match the age and education level of your students.

To use Quizado effectively for your learning environment, here is what you will need:

  • Quizado application (try the game for free).
  • At least two teams or groups of students
  • Someone to host the game - the tutor or teacher
  • Computer - remote quizzes are possible with the Quizado app
  • External screen: LCD monitor, projector, or TV (if you want to play in- person)
  • Mobile device (if you want to use it as a remote control)
  • Buzzer

How you split the students into teams is up to you - Quizado is flexible, so you can always create the quiz setting that you need.

It is good to note that Quizado can be used without the internet, too - so if you have a strict no internet (so not cheating possible) policy, that is facilitated.

And, to help with more in-depth customization options, we have five short articles on our Customization page in our FAQ.

While Brown, Roediger, and McDaniel have some compelling research about the incredibly positive impact on long-term learning that quizzes have, Quizado can be used for interactive learning in a few different ways - and is suitable for a wide range of age groups and vast topics too.

Here are just a couple of suggestions and premade trivia questions for using Quizado:

And, for times when students need some fun activities, you can create questions about general knowledge! Team-building games help all students from kindergarten age right up until college student age. It is a fundamental part of the learning process, and with Quizado, you can make it easy, interactive and keep your students highly-engaged!

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