How to Engage Students in Interactive Learning?

November 6, 2023

What is Interactive Learning?

As a teacher, or a leader of a youth group – or anyone who works with children, you’ve probably noticed that the more hands-on children are, the easier they seem to learn.

Why is that?

Well, interactive learning means that the student, no matter what age, uses more senses and mental functions when answering the questions.

Student will be more invested in their education – because they are more involved. Rapid recall, the excitement of feeling like they are on a real TV game show, and the chance to be a winner is a recipe for learning success!

Through the Quizado app, you can put the excitement back into learning.


What are the benefits of interactive learning apps?

Using Quizado as a source of interactive learning has a lot of benefits for the learners. One of the best things is that it can be incorporated into distance learning and traditional classroom settings or used wherever you teach.


The gamification of learning has become standard practice through many educational establishments, and what’s more, it is common in the workplace, too.

In combination with Quizado, you can create leaderboards in the classroom to add a real-world competitive element, create teams for teamwork, and you can create questions on anything from science to geography.

Kids love games, and through gaming, they'll love learning.


One of the key things you can do when using Quizado for interactive learning is to customize all the questions to meet your student’s learning level and subject. You can even add your school logo!


If students have limited access to the school or distance learning is in place – the app can be used for remote play with Google Hangouts Teams or Zoom. Because Quizado is an app, teachers and group leaders can access it via their mobile phones or other devices and have a quiz on the go in no time!

Real-time Feedback

A significant benefit of using Quizado is the real-time results that the teacher can see! The teacher and the student can quickly see the knowledge gaps and incorporate those gaps in future lesson planning. Which leads to an overall improvement of how much a student learns!


While there is always value in students being able to answer questions on paper, with so much tech being used in society and learning, the Quizado app adds an extra layer of fun & tech skills! To make it even more engaging, you can even offer small prizes for quiz winners – after all, who doesn’t love to win something?!


Any time, any place, and any topic! Quizado quizzes are as flexible as you need them to be. You can use the quiz app on the bus on the way to a day trip, you can use it on those rainy days when the students can’t get outside, or you can even use it at school celebrations and fundraisers!


Engaging students through friendly competition

Friendly competition is healthy for children – and in a learning environment, it encourages them to challenge themselves, improves teamwork and negotiations, makes learning more fun, and motivates them!


When was the last time a pop quiz was fun? Well, Quizado removes the pressure that is usually associated with pop quizzes and tests and replaces it with fun. Not only that but since, as a teacher, you have complete control over the quiz, you can make sure that it is tuned to the right level for your students.


Competitions and quizzes can help a teacher highlight where a student’s strengths are and where improvements can be made. Students will feel excitement and joy in winning a quiz on Quizado, which will feed into a positive individual learning experience.


A great quiz and competition include everyone; everyone can participate and join the fun.

When learning is interactive, and the students are engaged, it instantly becomes a lot more fun. Healthy competition creates a supportive and enjoyable learning experience – and studies show that students do better when having fun while learning - no matter the age!

How do you use Quizado in the classroom?

Quizado is an excellent interactive quiz tool that has so many options. You can use it during group assignments to test the knowledge of the group; you can use it at the end of the week to see who learned what – or you can use it for school events!

To make the most of Quizado for the classroom and have your students asking for more, here is how to make your quiz fun!

  • Make a short list of questions covering topics your students have been learning about.
  • Try to make the questions as simple as possible.
  • Ensure all the answers have been covered in lessons (but throw in one bonus question!)
  • Give your students enough time to answer.
  • Note the answers your students got incorrect so you can help tackle information gaps in coming lessons.

Ask your students if they enjoyed the quiz and what they might like to see in the next one!

And don’t worry if you need some help thinking up questions – we have plenty of options, from animals and movies to food and general knowledge.

Check our Quizado Categories page! For fun questions like these:


Get to know Quizado.

You’ll first need to Download Quizado to test the features and experience the game for free.

Upgrade to a paid plan to access all the cool features!

Quizado is available on Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows.

How long does the average quiz take? It depends on how many questions you add, but you can fit a short kid’s quiz in about 20 minutes.

It is best to have teams of about three students when setting up groups in a classroom, but you can also make this smaller when distance learning is in place – use the breakout feature in your chosen video conference software.

What do you need to be able to use Quizado?

When it comes to equipment, you don't need much! You can have your quiz up and running in no time at all.

Here is what you need to get started with Quizado.

  • The Quizado app (try the game for free).
  • A minimum of two teams (there is no upper limit)
  • A teacher or group leader to host
  • Computer (for online/remote play)
  • Mobile device (if you want to use it as a remote control)
  • TV screen or a projector (if you want to play in the classroom)

Since there are a few ways that you can use the Quizado app for learning, here is a short guide to help you: How to Play Quizado: A Family Feud Customizable Game.


Can’t wait to get started? Cool!

The Quizado app is ready to help you and your students have the most engaging learning experience possible!

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