Church Quiz Game: Joyful Connections & Learning

April 4, 2024

If there is one thing we are passionate about, it is connections. Connections through shared experiences are some of the strongest - and ones we keep for life. We are sure you agree that life is richer and more rewarding with strong bonds and good faith.


Let's take a look at what meaningful connections can look like:

  • It can look like support through tough times
  • It can look like praying together or for each other
  • It can look like bringing muffins to a gathering
  • It can look like creating space for others
  • It can look like joining in

But most often, joyful connections look like smiles and feel like home.

Shared Experiences and Growing Faith

Let's remember that faith is a journey, not an experience. However, we will have experiences that encourage us to move forward throughout the journey.

Taking part in fun-filled activities relaxes us and enables us to be joyful with others.

When you delight in games with Quizado, you are doing much more than you think when it comes to connections in the church.

Authentic joy: The absolute joy in faith comes from sharing yours with like-minded people who also foster their relationship with the Holy Spirit (Gal. 5:22). When you embrace the joy of faith through sharing it with others, you will rejoice in joy - as it is in biblical terms.

Friendships with Jesus and Others: Sharing your knowledge and faith through fun quizzes and games is a great way to do so. Your knowledge grows as others share with you. Even a simple quiz game can bring ideas and understanding you weren't expecting.

Purpose: We are all looking for purpose, which can come from unexpected places, including in the middle of a fun activity! When we are having fun, we are typically more open to those around us and the impact it is having. This means the act of discussion, communication, knowledge recall, and teamwork can highlight a purpose you hadn't known was for you.

A sense of community, specifically church community, can offer great comfort and spiritual growth when we need it most.


Faith and Fun

While faith is very personal, there are ways to make it active. And having fun is part of that. Taking part in activities that serve others and yourself can kick your faith to a new level.

Here are a couple of ways to be active in your faith:

  • Gather with other members of the church.
  • Find a space to serve - volunteer with the youth leaders and church youth groups, and arrange activities for the youth and in your daily life.
  • Build relationships in your church through church activities and regular attendance.
  • Introduce others to your church by inviting them to church activities.

For those who are already active with their faith and are looking for more ways to engage people and bring a new aspect to the church.

Here are some great options:

  • Faith-base quiz nights
  • Bible Charades
  • Roleplaying games
  • Walks of Faith (ideal for older churchgoers)
  • Bible Quiz games for youth groups
  • Group bible learning with mini quizzes
  • Bible reading
  • Family-fun afternoons with quizzes
  • Movie nights
  • Musical activities


Why are Quizzes Ideal For Churches?

Family-feud-style quizzes like Quizado are a familiar concept for many people—and the best part is that there aren't age barriers. Quizado is set up so that the host has complete control over how easy or challenging the questions are.

For older church members, the questions and answers can be more tricky, pulling quotes, passages, and more into the mix. Younger youth group activities can be more straightforward questions.

Quizado, particularly, comes into its own when combined with youth groups studying. Bible study classes often have a pen-and-paper quiz, which is fun, but Quizado adds a new layer.

When movement and physical activity are encouraged, learning and recall are more accessible for people of all ages. Teams can be formed to further the excellent work while deeply encouraging communication, support, knowledge recall, and conversation.

Church events are one of the most important ways to engage the community residents and those who attend often. They are the open arms of the church, welcoming people at any stage of their journey. And, more importantly, injecting fun into it.

Quizado can be used in multiple ways!

Since you have complete control over the app, it can be set up to meet the needs of your congregation.

It can be set up for small teams for a fun quiz day.

Quizado can also be set up for individuals and is ideal for youth groups and bible study.

Questions can be tricky or easy - plus, you can use our handy Bible Trivia.


How to Use Quizado in Church

Quizado doesn't need much to get started!

  • You'll need the Quizado application - you can get it here: Get Quizado
  • At least two teams - but you can create more
  • Someone to host the game - an excellent opportunity for congregation members to host events!
  • Computer (if you want to play remotely)
  • External screen: LCD monitor, projector, or TV for playing in-person
  • Mobile device (if you're going to use it as a remote control) Buzzer

With all of the possibilities, here are some of the most popular activities that churches enjoy with Quizado:

Family day events where parents can interact while children play and take part in quizzes.

  • Quiz nights for those who can't make it to daytime events.
  • Faith days, where faith is celebrated in multiple ways - including a fun quiz!
  • Important dates like Christmas, Easter, and more can include activities and learning.
  • Try to factor in how advanced people's learnings are, too - those newer to the church might not feel as confident in their biblical knowledge. And since there isn't just one way to have a relationship with God, try to consider those on a different path.

Quizado is ready to support you in supporting your wonderful coommunity.

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