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March 19, 2024

Education has come a long way from pen and paper. Now, there are more methods for learning than ever before. And, perhaps more importantly, we understand how people learn. Though paper or notebooks and pens will always be one of the greatest options for the learning process, interactive games are now at the forefront of tech and education.

Educational games, where children can physically take part, including teamwork, can improve the learning process. Studies show that the gamification of education has positively impacted knowledge retention and recall, too.

Let's examine how the traditional learning landscape has evolved and how interactive gamification can be included with Quizado!


The Pen and Paper Pop Quiz

Exams and pop quizzes have long been the standard. Students study through books and hope they get the correct answer when quiz day comes around. It helps teachers gauge how the learning is going and highlights to the student where improvements can be made.

These types of quizzes require a lot of manual work from teachers; with the introduction of gamification, the results are automatically generated. The student and the teacher can both see the results immediately.

Why use quizzes in education?

Quizzes are one of the most effective methods for quickly determining how much information a student can recall. In all aspects of education, a test of some sort is delivered to pass the course. What are the proven benefits of using quizzes in the learning process?

  • The efficiency of the study is improved after taking a quiz. Both the teacher and the student can see where there is room for improvement.
  • Quizzes reduce some students' anxiety when they hear the word 'test' or 'exam.' Doing smaller quizzes prepares them for the process in a gentler way.
  • Research suggests that quizzes presented during long lectures or book learning increase the students' engagement (this is across multiple ages).
  • The retrieval practice is improved the more it is used. Quizzes are the ideal way to help make information be quickly recalled.
  • Quizzes add an element of fun to the learning process and can be built into lesson plans.
  • Key concepts of learning can be toplined and distilled into quickly recalled facts through the use of games for students.
  • Interactive activities are shown to add a big element of fun to the learning process, and students who have positive associations with learning have higher grade averages.
  • Quizzes in the classroom encourage friendly competition and teamwork - both skills that can be used later in life in a work environment. Offering a solid foundation for social skills, communication skills, and critical thinking in groups.
  • Individual progress can be tracked and monitored in real time.
  • Listening skills, comprehension skills, and engagement levels are increased - after all, they need to listen, read, and react!

Brown, Roediger, and McDaniel (2014) found that one of the most impactful ways to secure material in the mind is by using short-term quizzes like Quizado. The recall of the knowledge is called 'retrieval practice.' Here is what they said:

Neural pathways get stronger when memory is retrieved rather than reading off of a page -- exercises memory; strengthens retrieval routes.


How can you introduce interactive quizzes to the classroom?

The fastest way to introduce quizzes into the classroom is by using a quick and easy app like Quizado.

It can be used in multiple ways to keep students engaged in small groups or as individuals. For most younger children, quizzes don't feel like studying, so they are ideal for knowledge assessment.

Quizado can be used at the start of a new subject matter, in the middle to see progress, and at the end as a more formative assessment. Quiz apps make it quick and easy to set up a quiz.


Here is all you need to set up a Quizado quiz for the classroom:

  • You'll need the Quizado application - you can get it here: Get Quizado
  • At least two teams - but you can create more
  • You or a teaching assistant can host the formal quizzes, while outgoing students can do fun quizzes!
  • Computer (if you want to play remotely)
  • External screen: LCD monitor, projector, or TV for playing in-person
  • Mobile device (if you want to use it as a remote control) Buzzer
  • Quizado has a wide range of customizable options. You can add your school logo and decide how many teams you create and how you play. You can try Quizado out for free and decide if this super fun family feud-style game will work for your educational establishment.

What are some examples of educational quizzes?

We know that implementing new learning methods in a classroom isn't always easy. So Quizado has been designed to be as easy as possible, and an excellent platform for a quick review of learning.

We have a range of pre-made quizzes that can help you get an idea of what you can create for your students.

Of course, you can use the customization options to create an age-appropriate educational quiz for your class.

What key features make Quizado the ideal educational companion?

Quizado is the ultimate classroom companion because it has been carefully created with multiple uses in mind.

The key features that make it stand out from other education games are:

  • Numerous customization options - the quiz can be completely customized to meet the learning needs of your class.
  • With the multiplayer mode, you can set it to teams to increase comradery and teamwork within the class. You can also use it in smaller groups—it's flexible!
  • The interface is interactive, encouraging physical movement and participation.
  • With some customization, it can be used as a mid-presentation poll or for instant feedback on what students of all ages are learning, and it can help bring dynamic presentations into the education process.
  • Because of how Quizado is set up, it works well for in-person classroom environments and will also work for online lesson planning and support!
  • The interface is simple for both the host and the 'contestants,' so it's a fuss-free interactive classroom game.
  • Since it is a jeopardy-style quiz game, most people are already familiar with the process and how to play.
  • Quizado offers a unique way to track student performance and highlight knowledge gaps.

Want to know more about the customization options? Check out our info-packed FAQ!


The power of real-time feedback in education

The real power of Quizado in the classroom lies in the instant feedback loop that is offered to the teacher.

Teachers and students can immediately see how much they have learned, offering a faster and more efficient way to modify lesson plans and study sets to improve future lessons.

Student knowledge recall has never been so fun! A quiz tool like Quizado offers endless ways to incorporate an interactive learning experience.

With completely customizable questions and school branding options it's a powerful tool to help cover subject matter with an exciting game!

Quizado puts the joy in education and is a must-have tool for any classroom!

The best bit about Quizado is that it can be used for learning and fun. Rainy days and downtime do happen, and you can create fun quizzes that are still educational!

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