Faith Development with a Bible-based Quiz Game for Your Church

March 5, 2024

Faith is a journey; part of that journey is the bonds we form with the people in our churches. The beauty of those bonds is that they span across multiple generations - each age group is equally important, and each brings joy.

The group benefits from their learning and listening, no matter how big or small—deepening the connection with their faith and with those around them. Family and fun group activities, like bible-based quizzes, foster deeper connections and a sense of community and bring joy to faith.

Why do church events matter?

Church events aren't just great for people who are already in attendance. Events held at the church or the local area encourage other residents to meet up and take part. And sometimes, it seems that arranging these events and getting people to attend can be a challenge. For many, they might not realize the fun factor.

There are many benefits from the church attendees and local residents coming together. With different generations and life experiences coming together, a wide range of knowledge and wisdom can be passed around. During these occasions when people come together, understanding God's work and word can inspire lively discussions and instigate more curiosity, too.

Although perhaps it isn't nice to admit it, sometimes church can feel stale or that the connections people have aren't at their best. As the leader of any faith establishment, you can facilitate a spiritual refreshment and rekindle the urge to worship.

One thing that has always, and will always be true, is that many people attended church as a source of encouragement and comfort. To be surrounded by others who are on a path to a new level of faith. To be supported on their own faith-based journey. Church events open the doors to those who are already comfortable with their relationship with God and those seeking enlightenment.

What types of events are great for churches?

The type of events that work for your church will be based on your congregation and what they need. For example, faith-based family days are ideal if you have many family church attendees. For those with many elderly female attendees, coffee mornings with activities like knitting, baking, and other skills can be fabulous.

To help you with some ideas, here are 15 church event ideas - some of which will be explored further.

  • Easter brunch
  • Family outdoor picnic
  • Bible study sessions
  • Bible trivia quiz nights
  • Skill swap mornings
  • Tea, coffee, and bakes mornings
  • Back-to-school blessings
  • Christmas market
  • Community fun day
  • Community gardening or clean-up days
  • Sing-along days for children
  • Bible reading club
  • Guest lectures or speakers
  • Crafting workshops
  • Potluck nights

The idea of any church event is to allow space for friendships and faith to develop while supporting knowledge and teachings. And always bring the fun! And what makes these activities so valuable is that they all offer interactive learning opportunities.

Church events invite people to share time together. Here are more Ways to engage your church community with Quizado.

Interactive Bible Learning

Learning the bible doesn't need just to be reading. Although, reading the bible in groups can be a joyful experience. The act of reading the bible in solitude or in a group opens up plenty of opportunities for conversation, interaction, and meaningful connections.

What happens after the reading, though? For church youth - including younger children and teens, interactivity can bring a new dimension to their church experience. Church activities can be as interactive and enjoyable as you like.

One of the most interactive options is using a Bible-based trivia quiz game! Several of the church activities mentioned above can incorporate a family-feud style game but set up for your needs.

While there is a lot of love for the more traditional pen-and-paper trivia quizzes, using an app makes the whole process easier to manage, facilitate, and recreate whenever you want.

Not to mention that each quiz can be adjusted for the right level of bible knowledge and to meet any current teachings in the church youth groups.

There are plenty of benefits for the learners who take part in interactive learning opportunities:

  • Higher knowledge retention rate
  • Builds confidence in understanding and knowledge
  • It helps to generate meaningful discussions
  • Encourages Christian teens to remain engaged
  • Increases motivation for learning (especially when there is a competitive element!)
  • Deeper connections and trust in the community
  • One of the best things about interactive learning is that it helps anyone who takes part is likely to retain more of the information that they learned. When we enjoy something, we need to engage multiple parts of us - vocalizing, movement, and thinking to increase how well we retain and recall information.

Building community through Bible games

The strength of the church comes from its fellowship. The relationships that form offer support and a network for the members. The most important thing to remember is that there are different age groups and needs.

So fun activities are a light and joyful way to ensure the maximum number of people can join in. With a quiz night or including a quiz in your activities you encourage communication and ineraction. Dividing up the congregation into teams means that each smaller group can work together.

Quizado can be used in multiple ways! Since you have full control over the app, you can set it up to fit your needs.

  • It can be set up for small teams for a fun quiz day.
  • Quizado can also be set up for individuals, which is ideal for youth groups and bible study.
  • Questions can be tough or easy - plus, you can use our handy Bible Trivia.
  • How to use Bible quizzes for inclusive participation

Not every activity will suit everyone in the congregation - for example, the younger children might not love a tea morning. However, a family-feud style is something that everyone can get in on. After all, all the questions will cover a topic they love.

You can have fun with the question creation by taking an inclusive approach to the Quizado game setup. You can throw in a few questions that might even test the most dedicated member - and some easier questions for the younger attendees to try their luck at.

A little bit of healthy competition is great for strengthening their faith. You can also easily see - from the responses - where you might aid their spiritual growth.

For the bible youth groups and the teens, you might see that some lessons and stories will greatly be of benefit. Using the bible to teach life lessons and help them further their studies.

As mentioned above, many great options exist for creating events with a quiz as part of the activities available.

  • Family days, where parents can interact while children play and take part in quizzes.
  • Quiz nights for those who can't make it to daytime events.
  • Faith days, where faith is celebrated in multiple ways - including a fun quiz!
  • Important dates like Christmas, Easter, and more can include activities and learning.
  • Try to factor in how advanced people's learnings are, too - those who are newer to the church might not feel as confident in their biblical knoweldge. And since there isn't just one way to have a relationship with God, try to consider those who are on a different path.

Bringing joy to the Bible


Shaking free of the idea that the bible or going to church is dull or not for everyone is important. Bringing faith into modern times makes it more accessible. Adding fun facets to fath - things like quizzes are becoming more popular amongst many churches.

Games and quizzes are an ideal way to bring fun to youth groups, older teens, and families. Keeping a range of age groups is essenital to share personal experinces, wisdoms, lessons and more.

How to use Quizado in your church

You might be excited about using Quizado in your church activities - and we are, too!

Quizado is super flexible, and can be used in various ways for your needs. Not only can you use it to have bible pop quizzes for the youth groups, but you can also use it to help with study, review bible stories and encourage community.

How to host your own Bible quiz show!

You can use a Bible quiz show to review the lessons and stories with your younger participants. You can even invite families along to the audience to watch and cheer!


  • You'll need the Quizado application - you can get it here: Get Quizado
  • At least two teams - but you can create more
  • Someone to host the game - a great opportunity for members of the congregation to host events!
  • Computer (if you want to play remotely)
  • External screen: LCD monitor, projector, or TV for playing in-person
  • Mobile device (if you want to use it as a remote control) Buzzer

This is what the host screen looks like:


Create ten questions that are related to something that has been a topic recently - but throw in a few red herrings, too! Try to make sure that each question has a talking point that can encourage conversation in the teams.

This is what the teams will see:


Here is what the buzzer looks like on a mobile phone:


Here is a full guide to setting up the game in person with tips on using it remotely, too - How to Play Quizado. We are always available to help with any information you need about setting up your game! Reach out any time at [email protected] - we love to help.


It is a good idea to do a test run in advance to ensure everything is set up correctly, and it is a great time to spellcheck and make any adjustments.

Scanning the main app's QR code can create a mobile device buzzer.

Under each question, there will be up to 5 answers, and the teams need to guess as many as possible if there are multiple options - or guess the right answer if there is just one.

If the team that buzzed doesn't guess all the answers, or perhaps none, the answers will appear on the screen. And, the next question is ready when you are.

It's nice to have a prize for the winning team too!

Practical things to know when using Quizado

One of the most practical and important features of Quizado is that it can be personalized to your church's needs. Incorporate the logo and colors to infuse a sense of belonging and fun!

To see how you can best set up your teams, here is a guide to help: Quizado Helpdesk - How to configure teams?

Quizado is an ultra-fun, super enjoyable way to bring your church attendees closer together through the simple act of a quiz!

What's more is that the app doesn't require the internet - so once you have downloaded it, you are free to use it anywhere you like—making it perfect for fun church activities outside, or when the internet connection isn't the best.

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