August 10, 2021

Nowadays, when more and more professional and business contacts have moved to the realm of the Internet, all kinds of forms of group integration that make individual members of the group get to know each other's strengths and weaknesses, learn about each other, define mutual team roles or learn to cooperate more effectively in their virtual team are literally worth their weight in gold. These days, it is very difficult to get a new collective together and motivated without knowing interesting forms of activities aimed at team building and ice breakers. When you think of this type of activity, you are unlikely to associate it with something out of the ordinary and entertaining. Yet, such a conviction would be false and a bit outdated - we are going to show you that team building can be something enjoyable and developmental. Did you know that you can achieve perfect team compatibility by engaging in team building games to play on Zoom with coworkers? Sounds interesting, doesn't it? For all the skeptics and uninformed, today we have prepared a list of the most interesting virtual building games that will improve the atmosphere in any team. Let us get started!

List of the most interesting team building games to play on Slack or Zoom

Games aimed at team building are almost as numerous as the ideas of people working in home office mode themselves. Here are our picks for the most interesting, easiest, and fun online team building games to play on Zoom with coworkers.

1. Flinkit – a game to improve the work of the brain and the team at the same time

Flinkit is a highly engaging online game for developing the mind capacity, as well as an effective set of team building activities that provide home office teams with fun and creative collaboration opportunities, thus improving teamwork, loyalty and morale of co-workers. In this game, teams of four or more collaborate and compete simultaneously, following a carefully designed story line that is adorned with pleasing graphics. The game involves solving visual tasks and puzzles, together, which teaches people to work together and trust each other. If you are looking for a challenging and co-operative virtual team building games, we recommend you try Filnkit.

2. Songlio - something for music lovers and those who enjoy a good laugh

Songlio is an extremely fun and entertaining music guessing game. This popular online game involves competing with group members in a friendly and kind manner - whoever is the first to guess the title of the song played earns points! Songlio is one of those virtual team building games that loosen up the atmosphere of even the most rigid online business meeting. It is great for reviving group conversation on platforms such as Zoom or Slack, and serves as one of the wonderful ice breakers during a collective's first project. The ambitious can also practice on their own, as the game also includes single player quizzes, while the custom quiz creator comes in handy for close-knit teams who have songs or favourite music groups they listen to together.

3. Quizado - a chance for Family Feud experience during working hours

Quizado is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and popular virtual team building games at the moment. What is this game about? Well, Quizado is one of those team building activities that not only bring the team together and improve group morale, but also foster comprehensive development and provide educational benefits. Quizado is humorous and entertaining, reminiscent of the classic American game show Family Feud. The game consists of a series of survey questions based on statistical data. The first team to give the best answers is the winner. It is an exciting entertainment experience that works well for any professional team. Unlike other forms of group entertainment, a live quiz competition is a fantastic way to get all the participants involved and, if the contesters fail to cope with the time pressure, it can also amuse the audience and makes people laugh until they cry. Quizado is undoubtedly our favourite when it comes to games to play on Zoom with coworkers - it is a versatile game that will entertain and unite any collective. But most importantly, you can download it fully for free!

family feud question name a famous wizard

4. Trivia - find out who in your team is the real omnibus

Trivia is an educational game we all know from childhood. It consists mainly in answering individual questions regarding general information, but the virtual version also has several other options. These are excellent team building activities to be enjoyed in a professional environment, as nothing brings a team together more than playing together, getting involved in solving one problem together with a certain amount of healthy competition between group members! Thanks to Trivia, a package of quizzes, games, puzzles, Water Cooler, Pictionary, you can go back to your childhood and make entertainment and fun in your workplace directly in the online realm, via Slack or Zoom, while testing your knowledge and ability to perform under pressure. A wonderful opportunity to defuse the atmosphere and take a short break from professional duties.

5. War of the Wizards - try your hand at a magical live RPG game

War of the Wizards is a ninety minute online game where each member of the group is given a specific role to perform. The main character is the so-called game master, leading the game via a secure videoconference link provided by the application. In the course of the game, the team members perform various tasks; they narrate stories and tales, solve riddles and puzzles, and then take on other challenges. For successfully completing the tasks, they earn magical items. Each team member must then work out how to use these items to gather resources and cast spells in warfare, or create magical worlds. This is one of those online team building games that teaches cooperation and creativity, and will make employees not want to go home after work.

6. Ludo - as sometimes it is good to bet on tradition

Ludo application is inspired by the world-famous legendary board game of the same name. It is a simple and hassle-free game that will lift the mood of your team even on the busiest of days, as it is not demanding exceptional player skill or commitment. Ludo is a great and entertaining game to play on Zoom with coworkers in a break from duties, during lunch or at the end of the day when everyone is tired enough already, and you want to lift their moods. It is definitely an excellent way to relax and distance yourself from work problems.

7. Bored - a collection of online team building games when you are a bit bored

Bored is one of the latest team building activities options for all managers and team members working on Slack, Teams or Zoom. With not one, but four different online team building games, it is safe to say that Bored has something for everyone. Thanks to this diversity, your team will never be bored, and the various tasks that are set will develop their ability to work under time pressure, cooperate and lighten the workplace atmosphere. Currently, Bored consists of four different games, namely Spot the Faker: A game of accusations and deception of team members, Trick or Trivia, consisting of over fifty categories and as many as five thousand different questions, Medium Roast: Roast your colleagues, a game that will allow you to laugh at your colleagues in a positive sense, and the most interesting in our opinion Give me a Break - a game that will allow you to relax by taking you on a journey through the depths of the Internet.

8. AdventureVue - Online adventures, escape rooms, mysteries and trivia your team will fall in love with

AdventureVue is something unusual in the virtual team building games market! It is an unprecedented opportunity to experience the thrill of the escape room and become a real solver of riddles and mysteries from the comfort of your home. These types of team building games make employees look forward to the next day at work. One day you are a detective, the other a spy, and the next you can help solve the mystery of a missing child. Let your team immerse themselves in completing missions, solving puzzles and unlocking more amazing adventures. The perfect game for smaller and newly assembled collectives that need fun ice breakers.

9. Spreadsheet Battleship - let your team practice their memory

Spreadsheet Battleship is a game known to almost everyone. However, we often forget that the simplest things are often the most fun. Spreadsheet Battleship is a great opportunity to get nostalgic and strengthen one-on-one bonds. Such team building activities work especially well in a quiet and traditional professional environment. However, if you want to get your team working together, you can choose to play in groups of three to as many as ten people. We recommend!

10. Team Building Kits - another mystery game for tough days at work

Designed by professional puzzle makers and game developers, Team Building Kits is this online game that will introduce your team to a mystery-filled storyline. Online team building games of this type facilitate bonding between co-workers and improve their level of commitment to the organisation while focusing on improving team dynamics, communication and coordination of completed tasks. By skilfully using clues, objects and solving interesting puzzles, team members, through the sharing of information, create theories and work together to solve a puzzle and guess the circumstances of various events. Sounds really interesting, don't you think?

11. TeamBuddy - a way to really get to know your colleagues

As we all know there is no better way to get to know other people than by asking them questions. TeamBuddy is a set of questions that will be real ice breakers and will make your team get along in no time, making the atmosphere of the first meeting nice and cheerful. It is not a game, focused on winning or competition, but a set of hundreds of kind questions that will allow you to get to know other participants in a controlled and fun environment. Ideal team building activities in a new company and not only.

12. Charades – lots of laughter and relaxation of the atmosphere in the collective

Random charade generators are tools that produce charade ideas on-demand - after all, not everyone has a wealth of ideas, especially during a challenging working day. Therefore, if you are running out of ideas and would like to relieve a tense atmosphere during a long conference on Zoom or Slack, we recommend using this great app to generate prompts for team building sessions with Charades games. Charades is one of the best and the funniest online team building games, as it allows you to get to know other team members, have a laugh and forge closer relationships in the collective while, at the same time, it is unlikely to stir up negative emotions like when playing in some games based on demonstrating knowledge or reflex.

13. Icebreaker from Range – another game based on getting to know you colleagues

Icebreaker is a free collection of over two hundred questions that you can use to start any meeting, conference or gathering of your newly formed work team. The best thing about this game is that the questions are carefully crafted with your employees' good name in mind, while getting to know their true selves. There is no better way to build trust, mutual respect and pleasant cooperation than to get to know each other, but this can often be difficult in a professional setting, so Icebreaker is the perfect solution - after all, these are randomly generated questions prepared by specialists. The big advantage of this solution is its price, or rather lack of it, because it is one of the few free games to play on Zoom with your coworkers.

14. Lexulous - a great multi-player word game to make any conference more enjoyable

Lexulous is a hugely popular in business environments online word game of Indian production based on the commercial and now legendary board game Scrabble. Like all good virtual team building games, it not only improves mutual communication, allows you to get to know the real face of your colleagues, but also develops your verbal reserves and improves your erudition and eloquence capabilities, which are important in any industry. Try the Lexulous app on your next break during a long conversation on Zoom and give your employees renewed strength and focus to complete more business tasks with the help of this developing entertainment.

15. Murder Mystery Zoom Parties Hosted by Detective Ness – check who lies the best

Murder Mystery Zoom Parties is an interactive game that you can participate in with colleagues at work, friends and family via Zoom or Slack. Gather your team of co-workers, ideally between seven and twelve people, and imagine your loved ones inside an interactive murder mystery story like Clue or Mafia. This game straight from the best detective stories will unite or at least entertain any collective. Through a combination of multimedia, real-time live interaction with a group of suspects, crime scene photos and other visual clues, you can create a world of suspense, mystery and murder together that your team can take part in. This is a game for everyone looking for online team building games wonderful, which would serve as an icebreaker on any meeting.

Virtual team building games ideas - summary

Thanks to technological developments and with the help of the virtual team building games, you can quickly and effortlessly improve the atmosphere in any collective. You are able to, on the one hand, allow people to have a breather, peace and revitalization time, but also, on the other, give your co-workers a boost, improve moods and charge them with positive energy. Online team building games prove to be fantastic ice breakers during the first meetings of a newly formed group or in a collective, bringing together people at different levels of management and professional positions. Games of this type also improve practical skills, broaden horizons, and support brain development. All in all, online team building games have nothing but advantages, so we recommend everyone make the most of them. We hope you found this article helpful, and if so, feel free to check out our team building game for a company event.

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