Fun Corporate Team-Building Game Idea

February 11, 2021

Virtual team building games are important during various social gatherings, such as company events. What's their function and how to choose the best one? Are there both educational and team building games available? What are the most recommended ones? You will find answers to these questions in this article.

What are team building games?

Team building games were designed to support interpersonal bonds between employees. Their primary purpose is to eliminate communication difficulties, overcome barriers between participants and introduce friendly cooperation. Such entertainment can be used in any circumstances where a group of people doesn't know each other. Integration games often play an essential role during training workshops. They are also widely used for children and young people's education and social gatherings, in large groups (wedding parties, family and graduation reunions, etc.).


The role of team building games in a company

Such games play an essential role in every company or enterprise. Their function is to:

  • provide a friendly atmosphere in a working environment,

  • develop and improve creative thinking among participants,

  • encourage the participants to make friendships

  • increase bonds within the group

  • teach team cooperation strategies

  • teach to work under pressure with other participants

  • help individuals find their roles within the team

  • develop sincere and constructive communication between employees

Choosing an appropriate team building game is very important because it should meet both team leader's and team's expectations. The educational game should also be able to teach participants everything they need effectively.

What features should a great team-building game have?

A team-building game within a company should be able to meet everyone's expectations.

Involve all participants

The best team building game is the one that engages all team members. It doesn't matter whether it will be cooperative or competitive: the most important is that all team members (for example, a department in a company, etc.) participate in the game. Of course, their roles don't have to be the same - the roles can be the same as in the "real life", or be the opposite, or change during the game (for example, in one round, the company's boss is the leader of the quiz game, and in the next round - one of the participants).

Put yourself in my place!

Role reversal is a useful tool in integration games. It allows participants to feel others' roles, which influences effective, respectful communication.

Introduce an element of competition

Competing with other people or groups can motivate participants and make them feel more satisfied at the end of the game - no matter what the final result was. It also helps develop healthy competition patterns based on admiration for positive values (knowledge, skills) rather than jealousy or envy.

Encourage the participants to cooperate

Organizing a competition in groups allows participants to develop practical cooperation methods and learn essential skills such as choosing compromise solutions, adequate division of roles in a team, or constructive analysis of achieved results.

The theme that binds the group

A team-building game can be even more effective if it's related to a topic or area that in some way binds all group members together. For example, at weddings, it's common to use the wedding party theme. And at graduation reunions - a theme related to shared school or university memories. At a company event, one can try to run a quiz about the history of the company or its current activities.

When to use a team building game in a company?

Activities that socialize remote employees can be used, for example, during training workshops or to introduce new people to the team. Such games can also be a fun interlude between everyday tasks or during integration trips and company events.

Quizado - the perfect team building game for a company event

Are you looking for an excellent team-building game? If so, try Quizado - a perfect tool for company events. The program features diverse personalization options (like adding your questions, answers, and brand logo), and it can be used on a multitude of occasions!

How does it work?

Quizado is a game similar to the popular TV quiz show called Family Feud. The host controls the competition between several teams (at least two). Participants answer questions and earn points for their team - there are always several correct answers, but only one receives the highest score! Quizado is a mobile application with two screens: for the game host/leader and the participants. The participants' screen shows the question, given answers, and the score, while the presenter's screen displays the correct answers and the number of points possible to get for each of them.

Game Window-window.png

On the big screen!

Quizado can be easily transferred to a TV screen (or any other screen) using a wireless connection (with AirPlay for iOS or Chromecast for Android devices) or using a suitable cable. The app also has a Remote Control feature that allows you to control gameplay from your phone. Simultaneously, the screen is displayed on a computer connected to a media projector or other device.

Remote (1).jpg

Create your own questions

Quizado allows you to add your questions so that it will be perfect for all kinds of company events - you can use it, for example, as a quiz about the brand's history to check if the employees know the current activities of the company. The best answers get the highest points!

Here you can find a lot of examples of the questions and answers that can be used during your game!

Making your questions while using Quizado at a company event will encourage employees to learn more about the company or the team, and make them interested in new projects. It's also an excellent way to introduce them to a new company's plans. You can also use the application as a team building game on other occasions, for example, during workshops or company trips.

Why should you choose Quizado?

Check out what makes Quizado different from other applications and why it's the perfect choice for company events.

Two teams... or more!

Quizado allows you to run a game for two or more teams. What is more, the application features the possibility of adding your own questions and answers. A question editor has an intuitive interface, thanks to which adding questions and answers is simple. The number of questions is unlimited!

Control Window - teams (1).png

Play without the Internet

To play Quizado, you don't need an Internet connection (unless you use the Question Editor or the Remote Control). This is a handy option in places where the Internet connection is too slow, or there is no connection at all.

Offline (1).png

Personalize the game with your own logo

You can add your company's logo and event photos to the gameplay, so the whole quiz looks professional and branded. This option is available with a commercial license.

Game Window - Brand (1).png

Commercial license

Buy a commercial license to use Quizado for companies. This option has many useful features, for example, adding your logo and earning money while organizing events with the Quizado game.

A team-building game is an essential element of every company event! Quizado is a great way to entertain your employees, and now you can download it for free and try it out for seven days in a free demo version. Test Quizado and make your employees happy while learning new information.

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