Fun Training Workshop Game Idea

February 11, 2021

A training game is an attractive and effective way of retaining the participants' knowledge after the workshop. It can also be a useful integration tool during online team meetings. Learn more about training workshop games and how to use a quiz show during a workshop.

What is a training game?

Training games incorporate various tools, thanks to which participants can gain information in a pleasant and fun way. Simulations, negotiation games, or quizzes are a great example of training games. Quizzes similar to famous tv shows are great for training purposes because they implement difficult material into a game. Thus, a quiz with unique questions may be organized by every employer or leader. A perfect example of such a training workshop tool is the Quizado app. Using it, business owners can display company knowledge in the form of entertainment. What is more, it can be performed 100% remotely!

Interesting fact!

Training games have a long story. The oldest ones are military games designed to develop logical thinking and teach effective planning and battle strategy. The most famous military/strategy game is chess, which originated in India nearly fifteen hundred years ago!

How to use a training game?

A quiz game can be used for repeating knowledge of any field. It's a great idea for:

  • sales and marketing training,

  • workshops on company strategy,

  • learning about brand history,

  • health and safety workshops,

  • extending employees' competencies in the scope of their professional duties and other fields,

  • repeating material from previous training,

  • team-building,

  • familiarizing employees with current tasks and development directions.

The training workshop games' objectives include building a healthy competition, team-building, knowledge retaining, or teaching new skills. If the game is well-planned, you can achieve all of these goals at the same time!


The idea of gamification

Gamification is a concept that assumes transferring the game to the real world - for example, giving rewards for real work in the form of points. A training quiz game can be combined with the idea of gamification, for example, by using it as a skill test tool.

Workshop quiz game - how does it work?

To run workshops in the form of a quiz game, use the Quizado app. This tool is based on the famous "Family Feud" tv show, so all participants will quickly learn the rules. Two or more teams are competing with each other, answering the questions to score as many points as possible (the better the answer, the higher the score). The Quizado app has a separate interface for the leader and the participants, thanks to which it's possible to control the game's course. The participants' screen can be displayed on a computer, TV, or via a multimedia projector. The game features various customization options - you can add your questions and even your company logo!


How do I connect Quizado to my display?

You can display the application in several different ways. If you use a PC screen, you can directly control the indicated content from your computer or your mobile phone. The app control process works the same if you display the game using a multimedia projector connected to your computer. What is more, you can use a TV screen - which requires AirPlay (for iOS systems) or Chromecast (for Android). Quizado doesn't require an Internet connection, so you can use it offline - it's a convenient solution, for example, during team-building trips where the network might not be easily accessible.

Remote (1).jpg

How can I use Quizado during training?

Thanks to the possibility of adding your questions, the leader can adapt the game to the training material. Quizado can be used at various stages of training:

  • during the introduction to the actual training,

  • as a brainstorming method which can be handy if there is a need for fast training materials introduction,

  • as a summary of particular training stages (before the discussion of subsequent parts of the material),

  • as knowledge retaining tool after training workshop,

  • as a way to repeat the training material (longer time after workshops).

The questions' author may support the most accurate answers, awarding them the highest number of points.


Sample questions and answers

The quiz game can be used, for example, during safety training. Below we present sample questions and you can find more of them here:

What is personal protective equipment used in our production facility during a pandemic?

Protective masks 50 points

Protective gloves 40 points

Visors 30 points

Protective suits 20 points

Safety goggles 10 pts

Surface disinfection 0 points

(explanation: surface disinfection isn't PPE)

Protective aprons 0 point

(explanation: protective aprons aren't used in our establishment for this purpose)

In this way, the training leader can indicate which answers and issues are most important and clarify mistakes in real-time.

Advantages of the training quiz game

Training quiz game can be used during the workshops, and such a solution has numerous advantages which make it a perfect complement to traditional learning methods.


Useful and attractive multimedia training

Communication, competing, and group cooperation - these skills are developed during quiz game. This way of knowledge gaining is much more attractive for humans' brains. Therefore, people are more engaged in acquiring new skills, which directly translates into better learning results and greater training effectiveness.

Concentration and motivation

Competing against other participants and creating answers under time limits stimulates the trainees' motivation and encourages them to focus on the task. It also prevents distraction, which is a big problem in "passive" learning methods such as lectures and presentations.

Positive competition

The possibility of winning the game stimulates participants positively, giving them a healthy competing environment. The engagement also promotes the desired group hierarchy formation - people with the most extensive knowledge and skills are rewarded with the most points. They are the most valuable "acquisitions" in each team.


Quizado is designed for team play. That is why it's an excellent tool for teaching participants how to work together. Team cooperation requires skills such as: knowing one's strengths and weaknesses, matching tasks to competencies, dividing responsibilities, coordinating work stages, and analyzing the results achieved.

Participants' knowledge retaining

A quiz is one of the most effective ways of repeating the knowledge possessed during training workshops. And the game mode makes participants more involved in the whole process. Emotions and adrenaline are factors that are very helpful while learning new information.

Building positive associations

Learning pleasantly and funnily encourages positive associations on many levels. Quiz game creates good memories and associations connected with other participants, the training leader, and first of all, the company itself. This allows to build the employees' loyalty and involve them in the company life even deeper.


Training quiz games are a very convenient way for team-building. While playing Quizado, participants can feel the team spirit and learn their weaknesses and strengths, which can be useful in future work assignments. Training workshop game is also an excellent opportunity to enjoy time and make jokes, which can effectively team bonding.

Thanks to Quizado, it's now possible to run workshops conveniently and attractively. It's also an excellent tool for teaching employees. This game's versatility makes it possible to use it during every training or workshop - no matter what issues and topics are being discussed with the participants. Download the app for free to orgnize the training workoshop that will never be forgotten!

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