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A classic television game show at your wedding? Yes, now it's possible! Thanks to Quizado, your guests can take part in a one-of-a-kind Family Feud simulator.

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The Family Feud simulator will be perfect for all special events and family parties

  • Weddings
  • Weddings after-parties
  • Anniversaries and jubilees
  • Birthdays

Quizado is a perfect game idea for the newly-met families. The quiz will engage and integrate all guests, providing them with lots of laughs and team fun. No more boring and run-of-the-mill wedding games that your guests don’t want to play. Organize a unique quiz based on the well-known Family Feud, and everyone will have fond memories of all the fun they had at the wedding reception!

The rules of the game? Everybody should know them already! Two families compete to guess the most probable answers to the questions from everyday life. What’s more important, you can provide your own questions related to the bride and groom. The game will be led by you - a wedding DJ - who will take on the role of the host of the program.

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  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Organize a professional graphic and sound setting for your clients.
  • Integrate newly met families
  • Anyone can play, no matter the age
  • Lots of laughs and fun guaranteed!
  • The audience won’t be bored
  • The bride and groom can prepare questions about themselves

It just pays off!

Thanks to the commercial license, you can earn money by offering a Family Feud simulator at various events.


PLN 390

One time payment
Pay once, use for 7 days

  • Any number of questions
  • Custom questions and answers
  • Team configuration
  • Remote control

By choosing the RECOMMENDED plan, with the suggested final price of PLN 499.00 and one game hosted per week, you will achieve as much as PLN 25,058.00 profit per year!