Game Screen

During the game, each participant sees which team is currently leading and what answers have been given.

In the mobile version of the app, the game screen will be displayed when you connect to an external screen.

Simply drop the screen via AirPlay (iOS) / Chromecast (Android) on your TV, or connect your phone with a cable.

You can also view the game from your computer but control it from your phone!

Control Screen

This is where you see the gameplay and control the game.

The screen is available for both desktop and mobile platforms. You can use it as a remote control for a game that is running on another device.

Quizado - Control Screen

Any number of teams

We don’t limit the number of participants.

Play two teams... or four. It's up to you how you set the game.

Quizado - Teams

Remote control

Download the mobile version of the Quizado and use it as a remote control for the game displayed on the projector from your computer.

This will allow you to run the game and control the game screen at the same time. All by one person!

Quizado - Remote

Create your own questions

Do you want to create a game that's even better suited to your needs?

Use the Q&A editor to further personalize your gaming experience!

Wedding? Let's throw some funny questions about the bride and groom.

Training? Let's consolidate knowledge in the form of an interesting and fun game.

Team building? Knowledge quiz about your company!

Quizado - Question Editor

Play offline

Poor internet? Complete lack of it? We can handle it. An Internet connection is not required to play the game.

Remote Control requires a permanent internet connection.
Editing Questions requires a permanent internet connection.

Quizado - Play Offline

Custom branding

Want to promote your own brand? Get free advertisement on your clients photos? Maybe you are simply not into our logo?

Upload your own logo in the app and showcase your brand!

Quizado - Branding

Different themes

Choose from different themes based on the event you are hosting!

Pick either our modern Quizado look or vintage classic look!

Quizado - Themes

Check it out for free!

Download the free version and see how it works.

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