Game Features

The game consists of 2 main screens, and a phone as additional buzzer

Quizado - Game Screen
Quizado - Control Screen

Game screen

Visible for everyone. Displays the current question, answers, scores and strikes.

Control Screen

The control panel is only visible for the host of the game.

Quizado - Buzzer

Phone as Buzzer

Use your phone as a buzzer, let the contestant fight for who answers first!

We offer a professional “Family Feud” style software application. The game is easy to set up and fully customizable.

Create your own questions and personalize your experience.
Use your phone as a remote to control the game, and another phone as a buzzer.
Configure any number of teams.
Play offline (when you have limited or no Internet access).
Pick one of two themes: modern or retro look.
Play from the pool of 150 survey questions. This accounts for over 500 hours of entertainment!
Upload your own logo and advertise your brand.
Quizado - Question Editor
Quizado - Teams
Quizado - Themes

How to play Family Feud

Quizado takes the iconic Family Feud game show and brings it directly to your computer or projector screen. Whether you’re hosting a Family Feud event for your team or enjoying a Family Feud night with your friends and family, this Family Feud game is a surefire way to make your event fun and competitive!

Here's a guide on how to play Family Feud, a popular game show where teams compete to guess the most popular responses to survey questions:

Step 1

Two teams compete to guess the most popular responses to survey questions.

Step 2

At the beginning of each round, the host reads a survey question and the first member from each team races to buzz in and guess one of the top answers.

Step 3

The team with the member who guesses the highest ranked answer wins control of the board and can choose to play or pass.

Step 4

The team then takes turns guessing responses to the survey question, with each correct answer earning points based on how many people in the survey responded with that answer.

Step 5

If the team guesses all of the top answers to the survey question, they win the round and earn bonus points.

Step 6

If the team guesses an incorrect answer, they receive a strike. Three strikes and the other team has a chance to steal the round by guessing one of the remaining top answers.

Step 7

The game continues with additional rounds and survey questions, with the team that earns the most points winning the game.

And there you have it! Follow these steps to play Family Feud and have fun guessing the most popular responses to survey questions.


🕐Suggested Time: 20 min - 1.5 hours

👤Suggested Team Size: 3 contestants but you can play in smaller or much larger groups

🎤Support: Host (this role can be appointed to a DJ/you/best man/family member)


  • Laptop and/or mobile phone to run Quizado application
  • Additionally, for live events:
  • TV - preferably 55 ″ so that all questions, answers and scores are clearly visible
  • If you do not have a TV: projector with a set of cables and extension cords

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