Looking for ways to make your wedding reception an unforgettable experience?

In addition to good music and dancing, wedding games guarantee great fun at the wedding reception. How to choose the one that will break the ice between two newly met families?

Quizado - a game based on the well-known Family Feud - comes to the rescue! This game show will appeal to people of all ages and preferences. It will provide a lot of laughter and healthy competition, too.


How to play Quizado (Family Feud) at the wedding?

Divide families into two teams and decide which guests will participate in the game. The original Family Feud on TV had five players per team, but that's not mandatory. Just make an equal number of people per team. Choose a game host who will be responsible for asking questions and checking answers. This role can be appointed to a DJ or a family member.


The game is played by two opposing family teams who come together to guess the answers to survey questions. What’s important, Quizado has a question editor which allows you to prepare your own questions that will relate to you and your relationship or the institution of marriage in general (e.g. Name the most surprising thing that married couples learn about each other after they get married).

Quizado - Question Editor

The family that racks up the most points by providing the top answers to survey questions walks away with the special prize. It should be something that can be split (e.g. a bottle of vodka) or handed out to all team members (e.g. handmade soaps).

Check our set of questions about wedding and marriage


The app includes: Game screen for participants with scoreboard and missed opportunities, Control screen for the host, 15 pre-made question sets and a Question Editor. The game is available in English and Polish.

Wedding shower idea

The game is also perfect if you’re looking for a wedding shower and bridal shower games. Bridal shower feud game is going to be a big hit at your party!

You can use ready-made sets of questions or create your own, concerning the bride and groom, or your best friend group.

You can name your teams whatever you like in the game settings.

Ready to Feud?

Download the game and play our demo set.

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  • Integrate newly met families
  • Anyone can play
  • Lots of laughs and fun guaranteed!
  • Guests won’t be bored
  • The bride and groom can prepare questions about themselves
  • Possibility to purchase a license for 14 days at an attractive price
  • Great for those looking for modern and original solutions

14-day license

Thanks to a special license for 30 days, you can organize a Family Feud at a very attractive price.


For Single Use

One time payment
  • Use pre-made sets of questions
  • Create own questions and answers
  • Change the team names
  • Use your phone as remote to control the game
  • Use phone as a buzzer to see who got the question first
*Buy the license now and use it at any time! The 14-day period starts only when you activate the license key in the app.