Do you want to play Family Feud with your friends and family? Now you can take part in the famous game show. The survey says… THIS GAME IS FUN!

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Gather your friends and family to play Family Feud!

Answer survey questions and play in the best game show game ever. Play in-person or online with your friends, family or coworkers. This “Family Feud”- inspired app is sure to provide hours of entertainment. The game includes 15 premade sets of questions such as “Name Something That Makes a Lot of Noise” or “Name Something That We Complain About”. Each question might have multiple answers, but only the top answers (that were selected most frequently by the survey respondents) earn the most points. You can also customize the game and create your own questions!

Lots of laughs and fun guaranteed. Great for:

  • Parties
  • Birthdays
  • Game Nights

Quizado is designed for 3 or more players; you’ll need at least two people competing against each other and someone to host the game. The more players, the more fun it will be! Play two teams... or four. It's up to you how you set the gameplay. Adjust it depending on the size of your party group.

This app includes: Game Screen for the participants with a scoreboard and strike indicators, Control Screen for the host, 15 Pre-made sets of questions and Questions Editor. We add a high-quality FREE buzzer to the lifetime license!

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macOS Windows Linux iOS Android


  • Experience the Family Feud competition together with your friends and family
  • Lots of laughs and fun guaranteed!
  • Create your own questions
  • Any number of teams can play
  • Fun for all ages
  • Conduct the quiz remotely

Virtual event idea

Can’t meet in-person with your friends and family? Host the game on a video conferencing app such as Zoom, Skype, Teams or Hangouts. Simply share the screen of the game on the computer and you’re good to go! Quizado is such a fun thing to do online.

It just pays off!

Thanks to the home license, you can unlock all the best features and customize the game to your needs.



per month with a payment of $34.00/quarter

  • Use pre-made sets of questions
  • Create own questions and answers
  • Change the team names
  • Use your phone as remote to control the game




One time payment