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January 7, 2024

The education landscape has had some big shake-ups over the last few years, and there are more ways to teach and share knowledge than ever before.

You’ll find some incredible education apps that work on desktops, mobile phones, and other mobile devices. And the best part? The gaming apps are more enjoyable and make learning fun! Quizado offers a whole range of super-fun, easy-to-set-up games for all types of learning environments.


Here are just a few areas in which you can create a Quizdo quiz:

  • A Biology and Nature pop quiz
  • Science trivia
  • Mathematics quizzes
  • Geography multiple choice quizzes
  • Bible study, a youth group student quiz
  • An interactive History quiz
  • Plus, many more.

When considering adding a new tool to your teaching, it is important to know all of the benefits you and your students can enjoy.

Quizado is unique in the way it works, in that you can create a quiz to the age and learning level of your students on any topic you like - you’re not locked into any single subject!

But what else?

Interactive Learning Experience

Quizado allows students to have an interactive learning experience - testing their knowledge against their classmates - or even the teacher! Good learning is when a student is able to repeat what they have seen in textbooks or heard in class.

However, great learning comes from breaking down barriers and engaging children in interactive learning. Studies show that students who regularly take part in interactive learning (anything hands-on or that engages some body movement) retain more information than those who only study from books.

A great quote from a Havard Graduate School of Education article - The Benefits of Interactive Learning is:

“Active learning, not passive [learning] makes it impossible to sleep through a class,” - Eric Mazur, Balkanski Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.


What is interactive learning?

There are many aspects that go into what interactive learning is. In many respects, it could be called the hands-on, minds-on approach to learning. Quizado makes the most of each of the aspects below to enhance the overall information retained by your students.

  • Collaboration between learning and teacher
  • Movement
  • Discussion
  • Feedback

The collaboration between students and teachers with Quizado comes from the arrangement of teams and discussion about how many questions there will be.

The movement part is integral for helping increase information retention; with Quizado, a simple tapping of buttons engages the brain and body in conscious decision-making. Or you could have an excitable group that throws hands in the air and jumps around when they are sure they know the answer!

Discussion is one of the biggest factors in interactive learning, and Quzado encourages it in multiple ways - the first is that the teams talk among themselves about which answer is right, and after that, a class discussion can be had about the answer.

Feedback is an essential part of the learning process - and with Quizado, feedback can be given quickly to the teams and more in-depth at a later stage if needed for individuals.

Ready to get your students engaged with interactive learning? Check out some of the premade quizzes for inspiration: Quizado Quiz Categories.

Real-time Assessment and Feedback with Quizado

Understanding where the gaps in knowledge are puts teachers at a great advantage when it comes to ensuring their students are achieving good scores (and learning). Quizado offers instant feedback, which helps to streamline this process.

Using real-time assessment, teachers can more quickly group students of similar abilities together - or create groups with a good mix of abilities. Instantly improving the efficiency of the teaching in the classroom. Using quizzes built with Quizado, teachers can bridge the gap between what the student knows and what they need to know moving forward.

In the end, using real-time assessment, a teacher can create a dynamic and supportive learning environment for all of the students, locate the right resources for future classes, and meet the learner's needs.

Feedback is an essential part of any type of learning, and with Quizado, the feedback points are laid out. Each correct and incorrect answer gives the teacher insight into the feedback that can help the students improve their work and where they can spend time studying.

Want to know how to it works and how to play? Check out this guide: How to Play Quizado.


Gamification of Learning with Quizado

The use of technology when it comes to learning is something that has been on the rise for years. Gamification makes the most of the technology and combines it with supporting a learning environment. The various components that make gaming what it is are applied to an app, like Quizado, that makes learning more enjoyable - but offers benefits aside from fun.

There are several strategies that should be applied when using gamification in the learning process.

  1. Visually, the games need to be appealing to the age groups that will be using them; with Quizado, you can customize everything to suit your needs.

  2. Competition with the Quizado app is easy - you can select how many teams or individuals, and everyone can join the competitive fun. Competition should be healthy, but it is important to make sure that students are comfortable challenging themselves - and it can push students to work a little harder to win.

  3. The compelling storyline that is running through the gamification might sound tough to include, but actually, the questions themselves can be turned into a story-filled quiz. It depends on what you need to create and your goals for your students.

  4. Challenge is one of the strategies that need to be included with true gamification of learning - and Quizado ticks that box! Just make sure that you add a range of different difficulty questions to the quiz.

  5. A points system can be tricky when doing everything manually, but Quizado tallies up the scores automatically - so the teacher can focus on the quiz instead of changing focus to add up scores. It is also displayed at the end of the quiz, and if the students have a long-running physical scoreboard, the scores can be added manually by a class member.

  6. Badges or items tend to work better in person for students, so alongside using Quizado for the quiz building and running, have a printed badge or certificate ready for the winning team or student who scores top.

  7. A leaderboard in physical form and digital form gives a visual reminder to students of how well they are doing - and who the main students to beat are.

What are the benefits of gamification of learning with Quizado?

When gamification and interactive learning are combined with the Quizado app, there are benefits to the teacher and the students - no matter what the age group or abilities.

With real-time assessment using gamification (in this case, quizzes), it can be quickly seen which students are meeting any outlined academic objectives - new ones can be created, and older ones can be adjusted.

Something that is incredibly important within a student group is a relationship outside of standard school projects - because there is more to life than just academia, quizzes with Quizado can foster and cement relationships and a sense of enjoyment outside of academic success.

Personalized learning has been shown to have a better outcome for students - when they are following a personal learning track rather than a standardized one. Gamification, real-time assessment, and feedback mean they are fully supported through what they are struggling with and supported further in their strengths.

When you say the words exam or test - it can often leave the class worrying however, if you rephrase it to trivia or quiz - there is less pressure attached, even though they are the same thing. Quizado allows for the gamification of tests and removes the stress that some students feel.

Can’t wait to get started? You can try Quizado for free: Try For Quizado For Free.

Quizado isn’t just for students!

As a teacher, tutor, or anyone who is sharing knowledge, it is important that you are at the top of your game, too. And what that means is regular professional development.

Teaching knowledge, skills, faculty collaboration, and more can come from using Quizado within the faculty. Not to mention, it works well as a pub quiz for those all-important faculty parties!

Quizado is available to use anywhere at any time, so it works for classroom settings, student halls, distance learning, forest schools, summer camps, bible study groups, and so much more.

A lifetime license is the best value license and means you can use the app forever! You can check out other pricing options here: Quizado Pricing.

Quizado is designed with modern learning and education environments in mind, offering all the tools you need to give your students the best education and learning experience - got questions? Reach out to [email protected] - we'd love to help.

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