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April 12, 2024

Game-Based Learning: An Overview

What is game-based learning?

Game-based learning is becoming more common in most learning establishments. It used to be that gaming was considered just a hobby, and in some cases, it didn't have a great reputation.

Now, there is a considerable increase in the number of schools and universities that are using gaming to improve their learning experience.

Game-based learning is an approach to education that incorporates interactive games, quizzes, and challenges to enhance the learning experience.

It harnesses the natural human inclination towards competition, problem-solving, and engagement to make the learning process more enjoyable and effective.

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How does it work?

The great thing about game-based learning is that it can take many forms. It can be entirely online - making it more straightforward for teachers and tutors to have a single point to see results. Or it can be a combination.

The basic principle of game-based learning, though, is taking some of the characteristics of gaming and incorporating them into activities in the classroom.

It can be things like point systems or more immersive, like the use of Quizado. Using a quiz game to track learning progress enjoyably.

Benefits of game-based learning

The benefits of game-based learning are now more known and understood. Here are some of the most important benefits to students when they are exposed to some level of game-based learning:

  • Playing games and the inclusion of prizes or points highly motivate students to study and learn.
  • Healthy communication skills are essential throughout life, and one of the best ways to learn them is through teamwork. Quizado is ideal for small groups or teams, encouraging communication to get the correct answers!
  • Recall is one of the most important skills in the learning process. Quizado's quiz-style game requires students to try to remember quickly what they have learned. Recall can be improved the more often it is learned.
  • Instant feedback isn't something to be taken for granted, either. When you have the 'host' device in your hand (like an iPad or iPhone), you can instantly see which students need support and which have a firm grasp on the materials.
  • Engagement with the learning process can wane from time to time, no matter how old the learner is. With game-based learning, a new element of fun is introduced to the process, which can reengage those who have lost motivation and increase the engagement of those who are already engaged. Engaged learners have a higher retention and recall rate.
  • Personalized learning can be better achieved with the instant feedback that Quizado offers. Once the 'game' is complete, teachers and tutors can instantly see knowledge gaps. This can help to tailor the learning experience for each student.
  • Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits. An app like Quizado is as flexible as needed. It can accommodate a small group of learners who need to practice recall or teams.

ignite-learning-and-collaboration-with-an-engaging-quiz-game-for-universities-and-schools Photo by Mario Heller on Unsplash

Importance of collaboration in game-based learning

Quizado users are delighted with the collaboration aspect. The classroom can be a place where friendships are formed and where the best learning can take place.

Small teams of students can work together to get the answers the fastest.

And, you, as the 'host,' can make the questions as easy or tricky as you like so that game-based learning can be as collaboration-focused as possible and age-appropriate.


The Role of Quizzes in Learning

The purpose of quizzes in education

Quizs, pop quizzes, or tests have always been around in education. They have been a great way to gauge how well a student is learning. In almost all cases, before a child can move to the next stage of education or the workplace - a high pass grade is essential.

The word test typically has a more negative and stressful connotation for students of all ages.

While the language has been changed to quizzes, that's instantly more fun. Add the gaming aspect, and grading doesn't seem so worrisome.

Using game-based learning in the form of a quiz helps to identify knowledge gaps, increases confidence, increases independent thinking, and improves concentration.

They can be used as a formative assessment tool, and of course, they are fun for students!

The importance of formative assessment in the learning process

There is a lot more to game-based learning and quizzes than student participation and getting the correct answer. Formative assessments using a quiz have significant benefits not only for the student but also for the teacher. Here are what teachers can benefit from using Quizado for game-based education and assessment.

  • Learning gaps can be identified and addressed.
  • Teachers who use game-based learning and assessment see higher academic achievement in the classroom.
  • Data-driven and informed decisions about what the students need in terms of learning and the skills that go along with that.
  • Using quizzes can help to define learning goals and track progress toward those goals.
  • Formative assessments help students work on their self-directed learning and develop critical thinking skills.

Gamification in Education

What is gamification?

Gamification is now more often seen in the workplace, which means it is essential to have it implemented in the education environment, too.

Gamification in education means the incorporation of achievements, competition (between students), rewards, and enjoyment.

But most often, gamification in education means that there is progress tracking and instructional content to take part in. Quizzes are handy for meeting all of these gaming mechanics.

Application of gamification in education

Quizado specifically comes under the low-tech and short-duration category, as outlined by The University of Chicago in their introduction to the use of Gamification in Higher Education coverage.

Trivial and Jeopardy games are the best tools for a low-tech and accessible point of entry. These are ideal knowledge review games. Quizado also meets the criteria for ease of implementation while remaining challenging and engaging for students.

In this case, gamification can be applied simply by downloading the Quizado app and working through the short setup.


The Power of Interactive Quiz Games

Characteristics of an engaging quiz game

Quizado has been designed to ensure that there are plenty of personalization options. When you purchase the app, you can add your school logo and unlock all of the powerful features. The characteristics of an engaging quiz game are:

  • Interactivity includes tapping buttons, calling out, putting hands up, etc.
  • Multiple answers on the screen
  • Teamwork opportunities
  • Flexibility and personalization
  • Great questions of varying difficulty
  • Educational Value

How interactive quiz games enhance learning outcomes

When students are engaged with quizzes in the learning process, they are more engaged and have a higher level of motivation.

Because 'you've gotta be in it to win it!' can be applied to quizzes and the gamification of education equally. Interactive games encourage children to be more physical as they learn, and studies suggest that students who move more while learning have a higher rate of retention.

Recall and retention are two of the most critical aspects of education, and quizzes encourage both. The more you can remember and say, the higher your chances of winning the quiz is.

Once the quiz is done, teachers have instant feedback about the knowledge gaps and can prepare future lessons to address them. It's much faster than the old standard of pen-and-paper tests and quizzes. Previous studies and knowledge retention can be tested with just a few short questions in an enjoyable and still informative quiz.

Designing Effective Quiz Games for Collaboration and Engagement

Incorporating collaborative elements into quiz games

When you use Quizado, all of the 'hard' bit has been done for you. It is an easy-to-use and popular tool for interactive learning. It is easy to implement within a classroom learning environment and introduces children of all ages to technology and quiz tools early.

With Quizado, you can easily create small teams that encourage both communication and collaboration. The students can discuss what they think the answers are, and that promotes peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and support.

Here are somne of our most popular education based questions:

Utilizing technology for interactive learning experiences

If your classroom and students are most used to paper-based quizzes, then making a direct swap might not be comfortable for everyone.

While most often, students and younger people are more comfortable with technology - not all students have home access. A slow introduction and some fun quizzes can introduce them to the concept for the first time.

Most students welcome gamification tools and gamification applications like Quizado.

The students use the Quizado app once a week for short round-ups of what they have learned in the week and then a more significant, more varied quiz at the end of the month. The monthly quiz can test retention from the previous studies of the month.

And, of course - they can be used just for fun too!

Assessing Learning and Collaboration with Quiz Games

Monitoring and evaluating student progress through quiz games

Quizzes can give a snapshot of the progress of your students, but unlike paper-based tests, they tend to carry less worry. Using a quiz, you and the student can quickly see where they can make improvements.

Low-stake assessments with quiz games

Aside from all the skills that come from using gamification and quizzes in learning, it helps prepare students, too. Examinations and tests can be very stressful for some students. Getting children used to taking quizzes using a fun tool like Quizado can help prepare them for larger tests as they get older.

Low-stakes assessments in small teams using Quizado are the ideal evaluation tool—with no impact on their final grade but a lot of impact on their learning journey.

Quizado is the ideal classroom-based quiz game to support gamification and game-based learning.

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